Earlier I talked about how government’s block on YouTube is affecting a wide array of Google products including Google API and Google Drive. Today, I’ll tell you the easiest way to access any blocked sites on your country from your computer. Follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows Key + R, or click Start -> Run.
  • Paste the following and press enter: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
  • Copy the hosts file and paste it to another drive. It’s a backup.
  • Now, copy the file again and paste it in desktop.
  • Double click the hosts file and open it using Notepad.
  • Copy the following lines and paste it at the bottom of the file: www.youtube.com youtube.com google.com www.google.com mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com lh3.googleusercontent.com commondatastorage.googleapis.com groups.google.com code.google.com
  • Save the file.
  • Copy this modified hosts file to the original location at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. You will need administrator privilege to paste the file in there.
  • You will be asked to replace the file. Click Replace.
  • Come back and comment on this post. Note: Your proxy will not work until you thank me in the comment. 😉

So, begin thanking. 😀 And oh, let me thank the original poster Sarim Khan for letting us know about it. 🙂

156 thoughts

  1. will it work for all the google apps? I can’t even access google support or dl chrome. I accidentally unistalled chrome, but it just won’t download! It’s such a mess! Pardon my noobness, i’m not a ‘techy’ person lol. All i need now is to be able to access my gdrive.


      1. and what i’m supposed to do if i don’t wanna use the proxy anymore? Oh another q, isn’t stealthy supposed to get you access to anything? Why can’t i access gdrive using stealthy??? Thnk u so much for the post bro!


  2. Tried your method but it did not work for me. Running Windows 7 64bit with qubee modem.I can use gmail and google search but youtube and google play is not working. Further help very much appreciated.Thanks


  3. hey dear, thank you..but amar computer uporer manual e sorasori kaj koreni. amake uporer kajer sathe r ektu kaj korte hoyeche. seta holo browser e ” https//:www.youtube.com” likhte hoyeche “. http// er jaygay https//: likhte hoyeche.


  4. MAN this is absolutely bullshit that we have to tolerate this goverment crap..Anyway..Is there any cinfirmation info about restoring our beloved google??I just need to know the exact time so could u please help me out here???


    1. From what I’ve learned from newspapers, the government has no plan unblocking YouTube until the controversial video has not been taken down. So, it doesn’t look very good for us.


  5. unfortunately i reset my factory setting in my htc desire hd android ph. as a result i cant access my google account to use google play. pls help me how can i access my google account in my android ph


  6. hey i can access youtube again but when I play a video , it does not load and a message appears -“An error has occurred. Please try again later.”
    any help on that please? 😦


  7. okay i can access youtube, without any trick whatsoever. But videos won’t load for me. I get ‘an error occured’ message. But the videos load fine if i use hot spot shield. Can anybody tell me why?


  8. Hello,
    I was living in London, UK for 18 years and 3 weeks ago came to Bangladesh and signed-up to P2 24/7 Unlimited Internet package from Grameen Phone. I am posting this using my laptop. The internet connection is on my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy. I use Wifi to connect my laptop to my mobile phone’s internet connection. For the past few days I noticed I cannot access youtube.com and couldn’t figure-out what is wrong. After reading this article I now understand why. But, my main trouble is, the internet connection is miserably slow. Sometimes it takes about 10-15 seconds to load a page but most of the time after waiting halfen hour a single page fails to load. I am now getting very angry with Bangladesh ISPs. I am in Osmani Nagar, Sylhet.
    I’ve been reading other ISP recommendations but don’t know which one to trust. Which ISP is good for using internet connection on laptop in Sylhet region ?
    I can’t afford to buy one month unlimited package from an ISP recommended by someone and then see it is no better than the rubbish ISP I am using now and then jump to another ISP and face the same problem. I think it would be best if everyone reading this comment make a video of how long it takes for a page to load on their computer/laptop using their current ISP and put the clip up on Bangladesh ISP review sites including youtube.com, vimeo.com, etc. This way, Bangladeshi consumers can see for themselves from video clips which ISP is better and which ones are total rubbish. Also, when these rubbish ISPs see their service is being video shown all over the internet and consumers are becoming aware of their rubbish service and avoiding signing-up to them and they start losing potential customers then these rubbish ISPs would take action to improve their service. Right now, these ISPs are not improving their service because they have taken your money and their is no law giving you the right to ask for refund. In the UK, if a company provides rubbish service then we consumers have the right to claim refund within 30 days. That is why the companies in UK don’t mess around with their customers. Bangladesh doesn’t even have this simple basic law to protect consumers. What kind of a country is this and why do you people kill each other supportin g political parties who don’t even protect your basic human rights when elected ?
    Another thing I don’t like about Bangladeshi people is that, they call hartals and fight and break things like shops and vehicles fighting and killing themselves to support and put some corrupt MP in power who will not improve their lives in any shape or form other than his own wallet! Also, Bangladeshi people, they don’t peacefully protest against companies who provide bad service. Why don’t you people make hartal against bad companies so they are forced to improve their service ? Why do you put-up paying your hard earned money for crap, rubbish and garbage service ? You should protest against companies like electrical companies and ISPs who provide you with rubbish service. For example, the electrical companies suddenly cut-off your power supply without any warning. We the public should protest against such power cut without advance notice. If you are causing hartals to put some MP in power then why don’t you tell that MP to promise his locals that when he gets in power he will influence the parliament to pass a law for all electrical and gas companies to give advance notice (exact times and dates) via newspaper, tv and radio announcements before cutting off your power supply and make that mp make laws in your region against ISPs taking peoples’ money and then provide rubbish internet connection. Next time you people make plans to run a hartal to put some MP in power, think about your own self and pressure that local MP of your’s to do something about power cuts and bad internet connection and if he doesn’t take you seriously then vote for somebody else and then tell him what you did! The MP should also pressure all ISPs in his locality to introduce “introduction packages”. This is where consumers can tryout for free for 24hrs their internet connection packages and if consumers like their service then they pay. Otherwise, they sign-off. This way, consumers are not trapped with rubbish internet connection for 30 days like I am with this rubbish Grameen P2 Unlimited 24/7 internet package. Total rubbish it is. I don’t recommend it atall!
    One thing I have learnt after coming to Bangladesh is that, Bangladeshi people don’t fight for their own good. They get paid 100 take (equivalent to a lousy £1 which children in UK spend on sweets) fight for their local corrupt MP to get in power who will NEVER improve their life but instead cause them trouble like ask for bribe to do what he was voted in power to do and is getting paid wages by government to do! This is stupidity and foolishness! I say you people wake-up and take action! Don’t support your MP unless he keeps all his promises he made to your region during election and supports your consumer rights and does what you put him in power for! Or, kick his lazy butt out of office! When will you citizens ever learn ?


  9. I can now access youtube but the videos are not loading.
    “An error occured. Please try again later.”
    Any sort of fix?


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