feedburnerFeedburner is one of the most popular tools for those who own a website or blog and want to have email subscribers. It’s the best email subscription and feed burning tool available at free. However, the search giant Google bought it in 2007 for $100 million. Only to neglect five years later.

For those who use Feedburner, you must have seen that there have been no updates for past couple of years. Recently, Google has officially shut down the official Twitter account of Feedburner as well as announced the shutdown of Feedburner’s API, leading us to believe that someday in the future, Feedburner will be buried down, too.


See, there’s a reason I don’t feel good when any startup project gets acquired by big companies. Google bought it back in 2007. We all thought it’s gonna be better. Well, it has been better than most other free alternatives to date, but now Google is neglecting it possibly because there is no chance of placing ads anywhere. I’m sure if Google hadn’t bought it back in 2007, the developers of Feedburner would have still worked for it as it is one of the most popular and wildly-used feed burning and email subscription service out there.

You suck, Google! Do not neglect the millions of people who are using it and shut it down shamelessly.

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