madagascar 3 europe's most wanted

There’s something about Madagascar that just keeps me rocking every time I see it. Of course, I’m talking about Dreamworks’ movie, not the real Madagascar on the world map. Heck, I didn’t even know that a place named Madagascar even existed! But I was sure to watch the third sequel of the movie, Madagascar, the moment I heard that it’ll be out.

Now, I got confused between “Europe’s Most Wanted” and “Continental Drift.” A Google search revealed that Europe’s Most Wanted is Madagascar 3 and Continental Drift is Ice Age 4, both of which are must-watch for me. So, I went ahead to see both of them. As of writing this review, I’ve watched Madagascar 3 an hour before and planning to watch Ice Age 4 sometime today. So now, let’s talk about how Madagascar 3 was.

I fell in love with Madagascar the first time I saw it. The four main characters and the four other main characters (Penguins) are absolutely lovable. For an action-movie fan like me who doesn’t mind some occasional laughs on the way, the penguins of Madagascar will be heroes. I even downloaded almost all of the “Penguins of Madagascar” cartoons (animated, actually) that were aired on Nick TV. All those 10 to 20 minutes cartoons are as hilarious as you can guess.

Madagascar 1 left us rocking and rolling with “I like to Move it Move it”! Same happened with Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. The movie opened with their attempt to leave for New York, a place they have been thinking as “home”. In Madagascar 3, the movie starts right when Madagascar 2 ended. The penguins leave for honeymoon, and then Alex has a bad dream. Waking up, they decide to meet the monkeys and penguins in Monte Carlo.

Their adventure begins right when they reach Monte Carlo. From entering the Casino to escaping the deadliest, supernatural and most terrifying animal control officer you’ll ever see, each second of the movie is amazing and fun. Although I never liked the old lady who ‘keeps hitting the lion’ in the previous two movies, I kind of missed her in Madagascar 3.

Madagascar 3 follows Alex the lion, the zebra, the giraffe and the hippo’s journey to New York City. On their way, they eventually meet a circus team that is trying to save its existence. Now, their only shot is to come up with something really unique and convince a promoter to send the whole crew to America. Or more precisely, New York City. But will they be able to do it? Even then, if they somehow reach New York, will the four of them be able to accept the barricades of the zoo after exploring the real world out there?

Like I said, the movie doesn’t fail to amuse us with awesome animation, quite hilarious dialogues and unforgettable circus show (You’ll keep that in mind, I’m telling you). But I think the movie could use a little more of penguin’s action moves.

I wouldn’t end this seriously short review with my own star rating because that’d be too hard on me. I’d rather end up saying, if you watched Madagascar ever, Madagascar 3 is worth your time. Don’t worry if you haven’t, you might wanna buy a DVD of all three of them. It’s a movie that doesn’t bore you if you were to see it twice.

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