I don’t mean to be mean. I do respect someone stepping up and writing the truth to the world. I do admire and respect her bravery. The fact does hurt me like everyone else in my house that she was shot. But let’s roll back a little bit, when she wasn’t attacked and when her diary was being published on the BBC.

When Malala’s news was on TV, my mom was telling my sister, “Look how cute that girl is!” I then asked myself, what if she wasn’t cute? What if she wasn’t a “she” in the first place? What if Malala was a guy? Would she get all the chance to get the words out on BBC, win the award from Pakistan? Would giant personalities step forward to bear the medical expenses when some random blogger from Pakistan got shot?

I don’t know. But I honestly don’t think that Malala would’ve gotten so much coverage (before she was attacked on) in the first place if she was a male. If she was a boy, she’d be lost among the news of lots of children who’re shot dead.

Again, I do respect her bravery and I pray that she heals fast, but the fact that gender discrimination is still largely active makes me kinda unhappy.

Do you think she’d have gotten all this coverage if she wasn’t a girl in the first place? Stop your feelings for a moment and think differently. Try to think from a reality point of view. And let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts

  1. u know it’s kind of funny in all this Malala situation ur concerned how much attention she’s getting and how it would have been if he was a boy/// find a better place to think about gender inequalities…


    1. Exactly where did I mention that I’m concerned at the attention she’s getting? Rather I wrote that I respect her for her bravery and she’s totally worth the recognition. It was just a simple question that a guy wouldn’t be able to get all this attention. If she was a guy is just another way of saying that.

      And this is my personal blog. You’re not reading this on BBC or CNN. So, don’t ask me to find better places.


  2. Well chances are high that if she were a boy she might not have been in this position in the first place. How many 14 year old boys around you are fighting for women rights? I do fear that maybe Malala is being used as a media prop but in the end – to me – it does not matter if people find her cute or give attention to her cause because she’s a girl. Women all over the world still have to fight for equality. The more we are aware of these situations the better. If her looks and cuteness help to give these women/girls a voice I have no problem with it. She was associated with the BCC before.. had she been unknown she might have been one on the many nameless.

    That said.. men are most definite neglected throughout the whole emancipation process. If at all.. situations at these show this clearly.. to live in a world where men think that shooting a child though their heads is a sign of their manhood..


  3. I think the point is that this is a person who has stood up to an injustice taking place. Gandhi did the same during the Raj, Mandela did the same during Apartheid. They were men, they were brave. A male cannot really stand up against the things she is fighting. I think she would have got the same attention as a male if she had been tackling a different issues in some other way. But this is ALL about gender inequalities for women in Pakistan. I too pray she fully recovers – she is a remarkable and brave young lady.


  4. i think we, as Pakistanis have seen much worse than this. she is recovering Alhamdulillah and I pray that no such incident occurs in the future EVER with anyone. what i dont understand is that why innocent victims of drone attacks aren’t dealt with same concern and attention but that is just a different issue altogether!
    as for Your question, i dont see any gender discrimination here:))


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