ubuntu release party in bangladesh

Have you ever delivered a speech in public? I mean, not by the side of streets; like in convocation, meeting and so on? I never did. In fact, I never thought I’d do. I’m no good at speaking. In fact, with hours put into writing and not socializing, I’ve literally lost the art of speaking. But all that changed a couple of days ago.

Foundation for Open Source Solutions Bangladesh and LoCo (Local Community) team of Ubuntu in Bangladesh always arrange an Ubuntu release party after a major version of Ubuntu operating system comes out. It’s an event that takes place everywhere around the world. Bangladesh is no different. When the latest version, Ubuntu 12.10 came out, LoCo team in Bangladesh planned to hold the release party on Daffodil International University’s campus in Dhaka.

Because I’m making a lot of sound these days regarding Android operating system in my Bangla site, Android Kothon, a person from FOSS asked me to have a short presentation about Ubuntu for Android. I denied at first but later decided to give it a try.

I don’t know how it went. I prepared a slide. Spoke for probably 10 minutes at the release party about what Ubuntu for Android is and how it’s gonna change how we use our dual-core Android phones. It wasn’t all that awesome; but for a first time experience, it was good, and a bit nervous. 😛

I don’t know if I’m ever going to give out speech in public again. I think I looked kinda serious, more than necessary, on stage. 😛 But I’m looking forward to speaking in public and see how it goes. 😉

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