us election invite

I received an email a few days ago from the American Center in Dhaka. I was invited to U.S. Presidential Election Gala 2012 with two other bloggers. The event will be held at a hotel in Dhaka. And we’ll be live blogging as the results of the presidential election comes out on CNN.

I went to the American Center today to pick up the invitation card. And there I met Kelly McCarty, Press and Information Officer at the U.S. Embassy. She gave me a brief idea of how it’s gonna be at the event. There’ll be other Embassy staff with us. The room will have wireless connectivity for us to connect to the Internet and push updates as they happen. And of course, not to mention the coffee!

But there’s one thing I’m still worried about. The timing is critical. The program starts sharp at 6 in the morning. Going to the venue at 6 in the morning is going to be a challenge. Not because it’ll be hard to wake up, in fact, I don’t sleep at night at all, but the transportation will be a problem. But let’s just see what happens.

I’m still not sure where I’ll be live blogging. I have numerous blogs that I own. The most popular of them is an Android-related site called Android Kothon which receives around 2,000 impressions every day (at its third month after the launch). The second most popular is this blog. And then there is Express Bloggers. That site started receiving a good amount of valuable traffic but as I couldn’t spend much time in marketing, the traffic dropped. My intention with that site was providing Bangladeshis a way to express their thoughts and opinions in English so that not only just us, but also everyone from around the world can read and interact with them.

Besides these sites I own, I’m also with some community blogs. So, maybe I’ll live-blog to two different sources. All that will be discussed when I’m at the event.

Until then, I have an exam tomorrow. 😦 Wish me luck.

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  1. Thank you Sajib. I don’t know you but as a blogger I know your name. Don’t worry, tryb to wake up at abt 4.30AM and try to reach hotel before scheduled time. Keep updates of election results.BR//abedin


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