Did you know about the latest gadget from the world’s leading Android smartphone maker, Samsung? It’s Galaxy Note 2. As much as the tech and gadget enthusiasts are loving this, I’m also jealous of anyone who has already got their hands on this beast. Samsung somehow managed to make a beautiful beast with all those features and specs.

There’s just one thing that I don’t like about the Note 2. It’s the size. For me, the Galaxy Note 2 is too big to be a phone or too small to be a tablet. (I guess that’s why they call it a phablet). But in any case, if there’s a giveaway around, I’ll be the first in line to give it a try.

BlogyMate, a social blogging platform that apparently has a lot of content but not much interaction, has recently launched this contest of writing a blog post about “The Importance of Blog” in a user’s perspective. They are offering a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the contest is open worldwide.

As soon as I saw the contest on my Facebook’s sponsored listing, I went ahead to see how the winner will be picked. I carefully searched for the word “lucky”. DO I have to be lucky in order to win it? Because I have a seriously bad luck winning things. 

Fortunately, the winner will be picked based on views, comments and quality of the post. Thanks to the “quality” part in the judgement. If it were just views and comments, I wouldn’t have bothered entering it. I’m not saying that my writing quality is top-notch, but I like to give it a test.

So, I went ahead and submitted my first article on the network. You can see my post titled “The Importance of Blog” on BlogyMate. What I expect you to do is share the link on your social networking sites so that I get more views, and if [in rare case] it’s possible for you to sign up, I’d appreciate it very much if you would leave a comment.

That’s it! A bit self-promotion on my blog. I hope you’re not annoyed by this occasional “Help me win” things!

2 thoughts

  1. My mom has this phone, it’s nice and the camera is pretty good, but to me the size is a deal breaker. It looks like a brick. All the best with the competition


    1. Yeah I was live blogging when this along with Galaxy Note 10.1 was announced before the IFA conference in Berlin. I wish the size was 4″. That would have been awesome. But either way, there is very thin chance that I’m winning it. So it doesn’t really matter with its size. I’m not gonna getting it. 😦


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