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Finally there is an official forecast. I won’t be making a lot of money in the future; something I’ve been thinking about a lot as my want for new gadgets have drastically increased.

I wrote about this on my Bangla blog. My mom eventually caught a famous astrologist in Bangladesh. She, along with a few other women, had the chance to ‘see the future’ based on horoscopes. Like every other woman there, she also tried seeing our future based on our birthday.

Us means me and my siblings, of course.

Horoscope isn’t something I deny or don’t believe. According to my religion, it’s not permitted to believe in stuff like this. But to my utmost wonder, I saw how horoscopes match with my present condition. I’ve many times read some advice on the horoscope column of newspaper that actually applied to my situation of that moment. I won’t go into that detail. I’ll just stop at the point that I kind of believe in horoscopes, though not a hundred percent.

I’m a Gemini. And when my mother told her what my birthday was, she responded I was a lover boy.

Seriously? What the f..? You can’t mean that! I’m the loneliest guy around. In my college, in my school, even in my Facebook friend’s list. I don’t have a lot of friends — let alone girls. How come I’m a lover boy?

My mom’s response to my question was that, love doesn’t always mean one guy and one girl (True, I know that. Didn’t expect this coming from a parent). But what the astrologist meant by that particular term (in my mom’s opinion) was that I will be loved by every one of my surroundings. I will have a good relation with every person that I know. And I will love them as well.

Now, for the money part, she said that my brother and sister will have a successful career and they will make a lot of money in the near future. I agree with her. My brother has got a very nice job at ICDDR,B and my sister’s family too is off to a good start. So, what remains in my fate?

My mom answered me that day that I’m already successful. Having a healthy relationship with people is the best success.

I knew she was trying to comfort me. The astrologer said something more that she wasn’t saying to me. But I didn’t bother.


It was today.

My mom (probably accidentally) repeated that “forecast” and ended up saying that I won’t be making a lot of money.

To which, I actually agree. I feel that I won’t be making a lot of money.

It’s not that I’m giving up or something. It’s just that as far as I can foresee my future, I don’t see that I will be making a lot of money. I want to love my work. Thanks to Steve Jobs, I want to make my profession whatever I have passion in. And those stuff don’t seem to have a lot of income.

I won’t be making a lot of money probably because I’m one of those who are satisfied with little. I’m not giving out an impression that I don’t have ambition. I do have ambition, target; but I just don’t think I’m hitting my head with a brick to get rich instead of doing what I love.

Someone said, do what you love; and you’ll never have to work a single day in your life. Turns out, I’m lazy; and apparently taking this advice.

Of course, according to Steve Jobs, you cannot connect the dots forwards. Dots are made to be connected in backwards. All the dots will be connected given that you followed your heart throughout your life. A friend of mine quoted someone, ‘Don’t grow old and think what you could’ve done all those years.”

I think life is short. As much as it’s not to be wasted away partying and shopping, it’s not to be wasted chasing down the so-called dream to be rich. I think I’m that kinda guy. I’m happy with less or little. I’m happy when I have what I actually need. And I want to do what I love to do.

Perhaps I expressed these on my blog earlier and she (the astrologist) happened to stop by? What do you think? How come she predicted my future?

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