I used to wonder how do people take breaks from blogging? Well, apparently, I took an unusually long time of unannounced break from my blog and today I’m going to describe what kind of unwanted disaster fell upon me.

When you do something good, or at least when you do something that starts becoming popular, some people get jealous. And some get too much jealous that they start doing things to stop the rise of that good thing you’re doing. A couple of months ago, I announced the launch of the first-ever Android-related website in Bangla. Within just over three months, the site generated over 200,000 pageviews. This should give you an idea of how popular this is becoming with each passing day.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing to do or not; I’m just doing it mainly because I love writing about technology. I just wrote that I took an usually long break from blogging. That is not entirely true. I kept blogging; just not here on Android Kothon.

The Hacking Incident

As the site continued to grow, some people definitely got jealous and decided to cripple it the way they could. Unfortunately, they were hackers.

Now I don’t generally hate hackers. I’ve seen a lot of hacking incidents that I silently support. They are probably called ethical hackers. Bangladesh has several active hacker groups. They go by the name of Bangladesh Cyber Army, Expire Cyber Army, Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers, etc. These guys protected and gave hard answers to the Indian hackers who hacked our governmental websites. 

But sometimes, some of them use their extended knowledge of Internet and server security to cripple our own websites.

Targeting What’s Just Booming

Compared to the number of Bangla speaking Internet users there are around the world, the language Bangla hasn’t grown enough. There are lots of websites and blogs in Bangla language, but if you talk about quality content, they are hard to find. Most of the time it’s just some rough translation, copy-pasted from elsewhere or just some writing with huge bunch of grammatical and even spelling mistakes.

Some of us are working actively to promote Bangla language on the web. By writing quality Bangla content and publishing them around the web, we are trying to change the Bangla face of the Internet. We have a lot of people who don’t know English that much. It’s not just about technology; we’re lagging behind when it comes to Bangla content on the internet. 

There are very talented Bangla writers in Bangladesh. But most of them stay away of writing for the web because it either doesn’t become a source of income for them or if it’s a job, the pay rate is too low. We know that one can earn by blog using affiliate marketing and other display advertisements such as Google AdSense. But with Bangla sites, this isn’t possible. So, if there are people running Bangla sites, they are highly likely to be spending money from their pocket to maintain the server cost and stuff, not to mention the time they are putting on to it.

So, how can you, the hacker, cripple what’s just rising from your very own nation?

Recovery Period

Anyway, after the site got hacked, I wasn’t very tensed. Because I had a backup which took the last snapshot right before it was hacked. But after a while, when I figured that the backup was buggy, the sky fell upon me. And this is literally.

I was using Backup-Technology free WordPress plugin for keeping backups of the site. I contacted them and thankfully they were able to fix the backup and send that back to me. All thanks to them. Because of their technology, Android Kothon was retrieved

Unbelievable Support.

While the site was down, I wrote a blog post describing the situation for the readers and redirected the domain (thus, the visitors) to that post. Trust me, I was blown away by the huge support I received from the people. I didn’t know this site, run by me, became this popular over just three months. I was truly impressed and that definitely inspired me to keep Android Kothon up.

Along with all these, my Test exams were going on. So yeah, I guess I had a valid reason not to be active on my personal blog, which is actually very addictive for me.

After all this long time, I’m wondering if anyone’s really reading this. If by chance, this post has any readers, I’m asking you: How have your days been?

One thought

  1. My days have been pretty much the same, for better or worse. My new years resolution is to get back into blogging on a regular basis. I’d like to have @ least 365 new blogs by the time Dec. 31, 2013. That doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily be writing a new blog every single day, but some days I will post more than one, so it will all add up by the end of the year. I also plan to be more active in reading and commenting on the various blogs that I’ve bookmarked.


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