Technology has made our life easier. Now it’s working to make our life lazier as well. But the fact remains true that with new innovations, we’re not just becoming lazy, our lives are becoming convenient as well. One good example of that is going wireless around your house.

I’ve opted for wireless technology a couple of months ago with a Logitech Wireless mouse. I thought that the built-in bluetooth of my laptop will work just fine with these bluetooth-enabled wireless mice. But as it turned out, they need a receiver to work with. More receivers = more USB ports being filled up.

Logitech and A4Tech both have unifying receivers that allow multiple wireless devices to be connected seamlessly with one nano receiver. It takes one USB port to connect multiple wireless devices (such as mouse, keyboard, etc). But at the time of purchase, I could only afford a wireless mouse.

However, after a couple of months, I’m thinking of purchasing a wireless keyboard as well. Not because it’s a must-have, but because I’m afraid my laptop’s keyboard may stop working since I type a lot. Also, my desktop’s keyboard isn’t in a good condition. Since I already need a keyboard, why not make it wireless? After all, wireless is indeed convenient and makes life a hell lot of easier.

I’ve borrowed an A4Tech keyboard from a friend of mine. It’s a pleasure to use. He was going to sell it but I ain’t buying because it’s a full-sized keyboard. It’s a pain to carry around such a big keyboard with a laptop. The keyboard doesn’t fit into the laptop bag making it inconvenient for anyone to hold the keyboard with a hand. Above all, it isn’t Logitech. I love my Logitech mouse and I would opt for another Logitech Keyboard since that will come with a unifying receiver, thus making one receiver work with both the peripherals.

Right now, the picture at the beginning of this post is the situation of my laptop. Two device, two ports. But still I’m happy.

The only thing that’s still messy is the laptop’s adapter. I wish Wireless charging becomes a widespread standard at the soonest possible time. It’s really a pain to carry around that adapter. 😦

Have you tried out any wireless product lately (apart from your phone, of course)?

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