Past haunts. That’s something you’ve probably heard many times or experienced for yourself. But turning the haunting past into sweet moments and feeling good about them rather than being sad is somewhat challenging, which is something I’m pretty good at.

However, I still try not to remember the past as much as possible. But thanks to Facebook, some dialogues and pictures bring back the past, or what I used to feel in the past. Such a photo is embedded below:

i'm a girl

What comes immediately after you read the “warning” above? It’s a girl speaking kinda rudely who by the judge of what she says appears to be somewhat possessive over her boyfriend. Now the question is, does everyone like a possessive-minded girl, or guy for that matter?

The answer depends and varies from person to person, I guess. Some people like to be free and independent. They put a good barrier between friends and girlfriends. If girlfriend whines at them about their female friends, they are easily annoyed and would probably break up the relationship.

But not everyone is the same.

Some people prefer their boyfriend/girlfriend to be possessive over them. They take it some sort of example of how much their partner loves them. Some people also abandon their friends for the sake of their partner, which is something I don’t agree with, while some others are smart enough to keep the balance between girlfriend and girl friends (mind the space).

I guess I’m at the point where I clear my position and tell the reader what type of “category” I fall in. Well, I’m not sure. This thought is what made me go back way 1.5 years back and remember how I used to feel. Funny thing is, after I “traveled” back in time, I felt how much Iย dislikedย the “warning” in the first place.

What I mean by that is on the title of this post. I didn’t like being called or referred to as “boyfriend” in the first place.ย 

The thing is, these days teenagers get in and out of relationships so often that the term girlfriend/boyfriend became synonyms to me with something like “rotating partner,” which is not cool. I might have termed her as “girlfriend” while talking to my friends, but I never really called her that way. I mean, it’s complicated to describe. Especially when it’s past (regardless of the fact that you’re still hanging on to it) and you’re writing in a second language.

So, what it is that I like being called?

Loved one. This may not be the perfect term to refer to boyfriend/girlfriend, but that’s what I liked to hear.

What about you? Does the term girlfriend/boyfriend bother you at all?

10 thoughts

  1. Before I try and give my answers to your question, I would just like to comment on that little quote up there. I take it you used it as an analogy to the topic you’ve written about, but I just need to point out what it ACTUALLY means, which is exactly what is written; most girls in today’s world don’t like it if you touch their hair (you’ll ruin it), their face (well duh!), their phone (privacy matters) or their boyfriends. Even though it might indicate SOME level of possessivess, nobody in their right mind would sit by and watch their partner being kissed by someone else. And that is exactly what that quote indicates; physically touching something.

    Now to your question… the term doesn’t bother me if that’s what they truly are. I mean there is always “partner” or “significant other” (most often indicating married people). What else are you supposed to say? You can’t really introduce her as “here is a girl I have a romantic relationship with” :P.


    1. I did understand what the quote actually mean. It’s just that I was immediately taken to the “boyfriend” part and then all my thoughts got tangled. ๐Ÿ˜› But I find it equally interesting to listen to your explanation given that it’s coming from a girl. ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

      The term doesn’t bother me, either. But when I begin thinking that the generation now takes boyfriend/girlfriends as “trends”, I [used to] get a little nervous.

      And seriously, any time I introduced her to someone, I used to say, “She is [_name_], the one I love.” (Guess that was dumb ๐Ÿ˜• )


      1. I also would probably find it awkward introducing someone as my “boyfriend”. I’d probably just say his name and let the person decide what relationship we have lol. Unless I end up with one of those guys who go like “why didn’t you tell her/him I’m your boyfriend??!!”. In that case I obviously chose the wrong guy :P.


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