Formal introduction to Facebook may say that it’s a place where friends connect with classmates, teachers and other people of similar interest. For us, though, Facebook is a great place for jokes. With the rise of Trolls, there are literally over hundreds of Troll Pages that always post super funny contents. If I were to write about all of them, my readers’ feed would have been flooded.

But there’s this particular one which is so good that I’m having a tough time not to write about it. It’s about Life of Pi. I’ve been hearing a lot about this film. Haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but this is as hilarious as it can be.

life of pi

Do notice the mood the cat’s in! If they were put face-to-face, I bet cat would have told the tiger, “Don’t worry bro, we’re the same species!”

What’s your take on this?

3 thoughts

    1. Whoa! It’s one of those rare moments when I get to hear that a movie based on a book is as good as the book.

      I downloaded The Hunger Games ebook so that I could read the book before I watch the film. But English being my second language, it’s so hard! šŸ˜¦ Haven’t watched the movie either.


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