shahbag, dhaka
Shabag, Dhaka on Tuesday night. Hundreds of people with candle lights are in protest.

Remember Tahrir Square? The legendary Egyptian Revolution in 2011 against the then president Hosni Mubarak? Sitting in the middle of Dhaka, Bangladesh, I am sensing another Tahrir Square in Bangladesh, right in Shabag, Dhaka.

Several hundred people staged a sit-in at Shahbagh on Tuesday demanding capital punishment to Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Mollah for war crimes. The tribunal has sentenced Abdul Auader Mollah for lifetime imprisonment, which a huge portion of people has rejected.

I wouldn’t make this a long post. Here are the related links for you to check out:

tahrir square
Tahrir Square.

31 thoughts

    1. we want to hang razakar jamat sibir.they are anemy1971.islam is not there hart only bisiness islam is support 1971 war time why rape. sister, mothet,now we will see same charecter razakar albodor.alsams.jamat sibir 1971


    1. nijami. saidi. golam azam.karuzzaman ,kader molla,mujahid mir kashem,era 1971 shalay amar maa bonder gonimoter mall hishabe pakhi senader hate tulay diacilo .muktikami manusder hotta korar jonna seidin o dormer dohai diey aie kaz amra dekhe ekoybabe razakarere caha ponara 1971 shaly moton kazz gulo koritece .era islam o zatir dusmon.nobi o allahor islamer shate eder kono somporko nai.,jara dormer name nari dorson hotta kanda gatai ahkherate eder jaiga hobey jahanname.sokol hohos sorol dormo pran muslim eder tahika dore thakun.era soitan o perawoner rup daran kore manuser emam nia jaitece.hadice afce ahkheri jomonai ek dol alem ber hoby eder dorma hoby mukher bulee ontorey thakbey binna kowsol.aie doroner alem thaika sabdan.era hocce jamat sibir,


  1. Punishment of war criminals is must. I support the role of youth in this respect and I hope they will also think to find a way out of the present corrupt politics of the political parties.


  2. I am so much overwhelmed by this movement ! I am flying to Bangladesh just to join this movement. Feel proud to see country’s unity, where needed, when needed…


  3. Razakars didn’t only try to obstruct the birth of a nation, They didn’t only betrayed their nation, they committed the all sorts of crimes to the highest degree in 1971. They have no right to live freely in this free country. Politicians are responsible for this stigma of our nation. We should make sure that politicians don’t play game again and let these criminals go free again. We should make sure that Justice is served.


    1. we never be negotiated with the collaborates & Shahbag is proved that, Joybangala is an national slogan & our grate leader Shake Mijib is a father of the nation.From Saudi Arabia I proud for all you brothers & Sisters – Abubakar kamal


  4. Hang all war criminals & their associates. They ruined are social life. Shame! war criminals are our political leader. shame! young generation whose are their follower.


  5. i want hang all war criminals and send their death body out of Bangladesh are or pakistan.their original home. not only 8/9 criminal. also their associates and friend,
    hied rajakar, albadar, al sams, jam ate islami, and islami bank, ibnesina. and ratila cossing center etc etc


  6. i have never seen this face of my country before this.. if this continues after my ssc exam, i wish i would join them too..


  7. this made us know that how much patriotic bengolis are some people cant belive this and they r saying this is all a drama … for those i wanna say who the hell has such time and money to hier people al most 70% of bangladesh’s people ….its the love for this country and hate towards bloody razakars


  8. Shamsul Huda Badal
    February 11, 2013 at 8:20pm
    I have just come from Shahbag. It was like going back to those glorious days in ’71. My whole self was having a great sensation of fulfillment. This is real Bangladesh. We were born in this spirit and now our youth have regained it. I hope they will open a new chapter in our history. We are proud of you.l


  9. This is highly appreciable the youth of the nation devoted their true love for their mother land…….to free from heinous war crime in the name of Islam. With my little knowledge, I never found such war crime against humanitarian in history of Islam. In my mother land they did-excused-become politician under the Islamic flag.

    The youth should take the lead to ensure establishment of the justice against war crime.
    We the youth should not forget heinous crime– the murder of Shagor-Runi; National Corruption; Bankruptcy; sabotaging in RMG industry; the BDR mutiny…… on …….

    We need not to be mare politician but we need to be conscious Bangladeshi…….to have the clear understanding of the practices of our filthy politicians and stop them. It is our duty uphold the name of our motherland in the universe with honor & pride ……Build a nation free from corruption-injustice-sabotaging of industrial growth……..


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