galaxy s4

The whole world has come to a standstill. Those who are willing to see the 2013 generation of smartphone including those who surely cannot afford to buy it are holding their breath as the day March 14 approaches. Sir Galaxy the Fourth will set foot in public for the first time ever in history, making tons of buzz around the web and print media world.

Did you make note when I wrote “the 2013 generation of smartphone?” How do you define when a generation starts and ends? Well, when it comes to human generation (culture, etc) you can’t obviously say. But when it comes to smartphone generation, you can take a look back and do the obvious math.

With each Samsung Galaxy S series, we’ve seen that Samsung combines something greater than its previous model. But all those amazing features don’t remain amazing even for a year. Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a dream phone for many Android lovers and smartphone users. But their attention of dream is held up as the next generation of flagship galaxy series is on its way. You won’t find a single person purchasing a Galaxy S3 right now if they are aware that S4 is just a week ahead.

Not everyone will be able to purchase it. But still they will hold to see what it offers.

So far, we know that Sir Galaxy the Fourth will have The Hulk-ish 8-core (octa core) processor and 12 MP shooter in the back. Another awesome feature, that could make human much lazier, is the eye-scrolling feature that will scroll down the webpage (or perhaps ebooks as well) when you’re looking towards the down side of a page. In other words, it will automatically scroll based on where you’re looking at the screen.

Sir Galaxy the Third, whose reign will be over in the coming March 13th, ruled the world with its Smart Stay feature that would hold the backlight from turning off if the user is looking at it. Samsung has taken the same eye-sensing feature a bit further by making it scroll down automatically which will probably be the most acclaimed feature of Sir Galaxy the Fourth.

Sir Galaxy the Fourth, even before starting to rule the world, has got several competitors. Xperia Z and HTC One are the main competitors as of now. While there is a significant similarity between Xperia Z and HTC Z as to how their display is designed, many people are expecting the same type of design from Sir Galaxy the Fourth.

But it isn’t until his highness shows up to the world through the March 14 event at Times Square which is scheduled to be streamed live on Samsung’s official YouTube channel.

Are you going to bow Sir Galaxy the Fourth? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. This guy at work once mentioned that there will soon be a feature in smartphones which allows the phone to be charged through your “body electricity”; so for example if the battery is low and you keep scrolling or something, it will charge instead of lose juice. Is that kind of feature included in the S4? Do you know anything about it?


    1. Nah, as far as leaks are concerned, that might not be one of the features. Even wireless charging has a long way to go. A couple of wireless chargers are available for Google’s Nexus 4 but they are not totally Wireless. You have to put the phone on top of the charger so that it charges. So, I’m pretty sure charging through human electricity is not one of the supernatural powers Sir Galaxy the Fourth is going to possess.

      Nokia’s Lumia series have Wireless charging capacity, though; but I’m not sure how they work.


      1. Hahah okay :P, then that guy was probably talking about a very distant feature. Yet, thanks for this post… it’s going to be interesting to see the design of the phone as well!


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