If you’ve been searching on Google for long enough, chances are, you are aware of what Google Doodle is. Celebrating various occasions, Google changes its logo in accordance to the occasion and updates it on its homepage and search result pages. But never before did it feature Bangladesh’s various occasions on its homepage until today.

google bangladesh doodle

I remember there were thousands of people sending Google requests to feature 21st February, the International Mother Language Day, along with a tribute to the freedom fighters who were martyred in 1952. But that didn’t happen. This year, surprisingly, Google featured Bangladeshi National Flag on the occasion of the Independence Day of Bangladesh on 26th March, 1971.

This is the first time we’re seeing Bangladesh’s National Flag on Google’s homepage and search result pages. That means, if you do not visit Google’s homepage and search from Google Chrome’s omnibox or right from Firefox’s search box, you will still see the doodle on upper left of the SERP (search engine result page).

I’m still not sure if the doodle is shown around the world. It’s still not 26th of March in all parts of the world. However, I did a NCR (No Country Redirect) by going to google.com/ncr to make sure I was seeing the International version of Google homepage and that Google was not showing me results based on my geographical location. At first I didn’t see it. But a couple of minutes later, the doodle was there.

I think we’ll have to wait a few more hours until it’s 26th of March all over the world to see if it’s effective globally.

In any case, it’s a big win for us. And I can’t thank Google enough for this! But still, Thank You, Google, for letting the world know our history on the day of our Independence Day!

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15 thoughts

  1. Thanks google, but still it is not seen from USA (google.com) and from Romania (google.ro). The fact is, from BD IP address, if you write http://www.google.com and hit enter from address bar, it redirects automatically to http://www.google.com.bd, where the doodle actually is. But I have changed my IP using PPTP VPN from Ubuntu. I have two pptp vpn settings, one is Romanian another is American. But both shows traditional plain google logo instead of the customized one. So, I should thank to google for changing the doodle for the first time in favor of us, but cannot fully from the depth of my heart.


  2. ithink whole world cant see this..bcoz i use ip hidder..which means i use internet belonging usa or some other country.and it doesnt show any doodle
    ….i hope that i become completely wrong………


  3. It doesn’t show all over the world, probably only in the Deshi Google. I tried the “ncr” one but it doesn’t show. Does it show up automatically after a few minutes?


  4. It’s normal that it was shown only on Bangladeshi IP. Imagine google has to feature all the countries flag for their national day. (?!) As google is american, it’s ok for US flag. But I dont understand why there should be ours.


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