These past few days have been incredibly warm and humid. Agreed, it’s not officially summer yet. But this month in bengali calendar is called Chaitra and is known for way too hot weather just before summer storms hit the surface. At least, that’s the kind of nature Bangladeshis have been experiencing.

chocolate shake

Just before the weather turned incredibly hot, a couple of my friends and I used to hang out at a few select coffee zones and restaurants for a light evening meal. Most of the time that’s french fries, sandwich and chicken burgers. But at the end of each meal, we never forgot to order something ice-cold.

For me, it’s almost always Pepsi. My friends, who happen to me teammates at a website I’ve recently launched (which has become popular over time), usually take Pepsi, too. But sometimes, when we have enough money in our wallet, we opt for something more expensive. Such as these chocolate shakes pictured above.

A glass of special chocolate shake costs BDT 100 (a little over $1). I’m not talking about any big-named restaurant. It’s just a tiny local restaurant that opened recently and the owner is still in ‘warm welcoming’ mood for everyone who decides to stop by for something light.

Named Coffee Zone, we hang out at the place and discuss our strategies and other stuff about our website. However, since the weather began to be too hot, it has become almost impossible for us to step outside. Also, our final exams start on April 1st. That’s another reason we can’t just step outside whenever we want to.

Not that I’m a super brilliant attentive student. But sill.

It’s 2.02 pm in Dhaka and I’ll kill for some glasses full of these chocolate shake with ice followed by a glass of ice-cold Pepsi. Anybody wants the same?

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