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In 2006, I discovered that I had a lot to write. I was holding an IT magazine and there was a link to what was called a “blog”. Back in that day, the word made no sense. And I was just a kid who loved to surf the web and do stuff such as sending emails to little-known people and chatting on Yahoo chatrooms.

I was curious and I tried that link. It was a blog. A community blog. I registered. I wasn’t sure what to do next. It said I should write something and it would be immediately published. I wrote about something that crossed my mind at that time of the day. After clicking the “Post” button, my post was there in the front page of that blog. What’s more interesting, I started receiving comments from the likeminded people known as bloggers.

Back in those days, I didn’t know I would be addicted.

It didn’t take me too long to understand what blog was and I was pretty amazed at the idea. Newspapers sucked because they have this complex filtering method that would never let all the ranting through. Blog was more lively mostly because of its rapidness and the responses I could receive from other people. The platform was in my native language and I began writing posts on current affairs, my state of mind, my thoughts, and occasionally stories.

Two years later, I discovered this platform. I’m still a noob in English, but I still try to write in English because the idea of reaching a global audience has fascinated me since the first day of blogging in a second language.

But where have I been since past few weeks?

Blogging..just not here!

I started this post to write why I haven’t been blogging for all this while. But halfway through writing, I figured I actually have been blogging all alone. I am writing on both my technology-related blogs. I enjoy writing about technology more than anything else. To be honest, I’m thinking of pursuing a career of writing for technology as tech journalist; though that is very ill-paying job in this part of the country. (Another reason why I practice English. Nobody knows what the future holds.!)

But then again, I started “blogging” by writing the things I think about. So, when I speak of blogging, I technically mean writing about the things that cross my mind. And this here is my personal blog. So yeah, I haven’t been blogging for a while

Exams..Exams everywhere

Can you believe a life-changing exam is taking over two and a half month just to finish? Yes, the initial routine was like this. But due to the country’s political unrest and other general strikes, the exams have been pushed back. And the immediate change in routine causes a real trouble. I don’t know about others, but me and my friends agree that it totally makes us lose the ‘spirit’ of studying for exam. Picture this: Preparing for an exam for 2-3 days and on the day before exam, it gets pushed back and another exam is scheduled. I think you get what I mean.

I still have 4 more exams to attend and they all have been tucked into the next 10 days. All of these exams are quite difficult — with one being Accounting. But among these life-changing exams, I haven’t been able to stop writing about tech. And I was honestly too tired to write about other important stuff (such as the building collapse in Savar that caused over hundred deaths, the suspicious killing at the midnight, etc). Also, I didn’t think it would be a nice idea to follow-up with my last protected story.

That’s still unsure. So, I’m skipping that part; probably for good.

If you’ve been reading this far, I must say that I’m honored! Nobody reads this long ranting these days! People are too busy. They’d rather watch a five minutes of useless video rather than spend 3 minutes reading something good (not implying that my post is good, though 😛 ). But I will be back in the coming days. I have too much to write about. I hope you will keep reading and more importantly leave your thoughts!

‘Till then, wish me luck for my exams!

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4 thoughts

  1. Good luck in Exams and really miss you posts… glad to hear you’re not gone forever! We all have periods, when we don’t have time or inspiration to blog, that’s normal.. 🙂 I can feel the fuss going on in Bangladesh, right now there are really crazy times so wish the best for u and keep positive… nothing lasts forever 🙂


    1. Thanks! I always have something in mind to write about. But after writing all those official stuff, I feel too lazy to write other things. 😛 As for nothing lasts…I wish November Rain did. I like rain. 😛


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