girl in rain dhaka

Rain always makes people go dreamy. Well, at least for those who are idle at home and are not stuck in traffic. I was idle at home today though I had plans to go out around the afternoon.

Since past couple of weeks, the weather had been unbearably humid and hot. It automatically makes me lazy and unproductive. It also kind of forces me to stay indoors because I have this weird health issue (probably genetic) that makes me sweat unusually. I wrote about this multiple times on this blog already. So I won’t start ranting about this again.

There was a product launching event at The Westin in Dhaka today that I had to miss because of the rain. I went to sleep late last night so I woke up late in the morning; in the evening, to be exact. After I woke up, I got dressed up quickly for the event but the sky was already ready to pour. By the time I was finished getting ready, it was too late.

I waited at least 3 hours for the rain to stop. But the rain’s schedule was day-long today. Although it made me miss my event, it was better for me in the end because the weather turned bearable, cool and really romantic (with the later one I’m not so comfortable with).

I just installed a new operating system on my computer and now downloading latest software from the web. While I’m waiting, I thought it’d be a nice idea not to let my blog keep quiet for so long and write about things I go through, feel, and think about. After all, it’s my personal blog, and my thoughts are meant to be shared with the readers here, right?

Earlier today, in a post, I commented that finding a picture for a blog post is sometimes harder. Specially when you write fiction. (I understand my comment was irrelevant. Well, kind of.) By the time I finished writing this post, I searched for a photo and ended up with the one attached in the beginning of this post. It was posted on Priyo and it immediately took me two years back when I had a beautiful rainy season with someone I still care about.

It’s funny how memories can be so strong even after two years of being old and neglected.

Have you enjoyed the weather lately?

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