There are many stories that happen every now and then in this world. Only a very few of them are captured on camera, featured on news, or written by some writer in an attempt to keep the story from being lost forever.

The smiling man
Courtesy: Creepypasta.

Such is a story named The Smiling Man. It’s not based on a true story, it is a true story. Later confirmed in a Reddit thread, The Smiling Man is a creepy mysterious story that took place in Seattle. The writer used to spend the long, boring night by walking down the streets until he met this man he would probably never forget for the rest of his life. This unusual man made him stop going out to walk in the night anymore just because he was so scary, despite being a man who otherwise looked like an innocent charmer.

How I came to know about The Smiling Man is another story. I was surfing on YouTube on my phone and this short film called “2 AM” popped up on the homepage. Because I have interest in making short films, I played it. The four-minute video does some good job in audio and camera movement, somewhat scary, but is entirely pointless to the end. But when I saw a comment that read “The actual story is scarier,” I found interest in reading what the actual story was.

Thus I surfed the web and came to know about The Smiling Man – yet another unresolved mystery of the universe.

The short film, embedded below, is meant to watch after you read The Smiling Man. But like any other screen adaption, the short film does not have as much essence as the original story. So, I advise you to do the opposite and watch this short film first, and then read the story over to the link given below.

The Short Film

The Story

Click here to read The Smiling Man on Wikia.

Afterwards, don’t forget to come back and leave your thoughts on this. Do you have something similar in your life that you think is worth writing? Even if it isn’t, I think you should write it anyway.

I wonder how many of such creepy incidents happen every other day in this big blue planet.

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      1. When I was in Seattle walking one night a dancing mans came up to me and sain I’m Mick Jaguar and of course I replied I’m Rod Stewart and walked on


  1. Waiting to see at least one reasonable comment in this huge mess, but can’t find one, so I’ll just be the one to do it.
    The Smiling Man is no danger to anyone. What the writer of that story saw was probably someone with special needs, I know this because I’ve had similar experiences volunteering with people with special needs. Holy shit, one hardly creepy story involving no missing people or any real danger, just an encounter with someone who wasn’t completely there, and everyone loses their shit


    1. And this was a freaking reasonable comment?

      People with special needs are people to feel compassion for, yes, but, some of them can really hurt people, meaning to or not.

      I have a cousin who worked in one of the same types of places as you, I am guessing, and she got so hurt by a lady with special needs, that she went to hospital for weeks.

      So, sure, this could have been a drunk guy messing around, or a challenged persen, but you think the guy should have waited around to dance with the former or play ball with the latter to find out for sure?

      If My cousin gut hurt in a supposedly controlled situation, imagine, just freaking imagine, what could have happened to this guy.

      Maybe not, but, maybe so.

      And that?

      Yes, that is scary.So do not go giving shit to people just because you do not think so, and, seeing as this has probably never happened to you, I am pretty sure your pants would have been wet and you would have been running too, if this happened to you late at night all alone in the middle of a deserted road.


  2. I’ve had stuff like this happen to me when walking late at night. Creepy weirdos on deserted streets. Scary as hell when you’re alone and it’s dark. I think that’s why I found this to be such an effective horror – there’s no suspension of disbelief required, nothing supernatural, nothing remotely implausible. It’s just strange and out-of-place.


  3. Holy shit. He’s obviously not a threat. He’s just smiling. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😈😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃


    1. there’s “smiling” … and then there’s dancing in the moonlight, batshit crazy, I might slice you open and take your liver and have it for dinner with a nice chianti “smiling.”. Can you tell the difference ? Do you want to stand around and gamble on finding out. I wouldn’t. Listen to your instincts. If they tell you to RUN, then goddamn RUN. f*** politeness.


  4. Let some guy walk up on me like that and not have his face mashed with a crowbar. And well see if theirs still a smiling man lol


  5. So here’s a reasonable comment…maybe….look up info on the grinning man…that is the only thing I thought of when I read this…too long to type but very well could be who this person came across…


  6. Idk if this is a real story but I saw a man who looks JUST like the picture. It was at Walmart in Tampa and he smiled and I smiled back. But as I walked away he turned his whole torso and bent down to keep smiling at me. I instantly felt terrified. I was sure he was wanted by the FBI for something so I looked this up. The biggest similarities is the the look. Slick back blond hair, a small face, but a huge, wide smile.


    1. I had a similar encounter, but I’m starting to think I experienced the ‘grinning’ man thanks to previous comments. I’ve just started researching the topic. I had convinced myself nothing happened until I found out about other people seeing this thing. It was 17 years ago. I was 13. I woke up to see a tall, very slender build man with extremely long arms tucked into his side down past his knees. He was standing at the foot of my bed, staring at me. He had a cheek to cheek, cartoonish even, grin all the way across his face. He was extremely pale. The weirdest thing was the way he was dressed. He was wearing a long black tux with a white undershirt. He had a top hat on… But much thinner and taller, like his build. My eyes met his, and neither of us moved. Being 13, I did the only thing I could think of. Pulled the cover of me head and prayed. I uncovered my head VERY slowly. He was gone. I was so scared that I spent the next 2 YEARS sleeping in my brother’s room. Please tell me if you know of anyone who has any thoughts or information.


      1. Probably this character emerged because of a reason. The article said that the smiling man was dancing all the way and dressed up in a tux and hat and grinning all the time. Doesn’t it remind any of you abt a circus clown who performs in front of people in order to get some appreciation. Probably this man is just a clown who did not get praise and recognition in his life and that is why performing on the streets in front of any person who passes by and wd follow him all the way keeping the smile intact in order to get applauded for his performance. He seems to me not a ghost but just a desperate soul who is in some state of depression and madness for not being able to achieve anything. I know its quit scary to see something like this in the middle of night but now since we all know the story so if at all its true and if still anyone sees that man again doing the same thing, other than running away from him they can try clapping when he is done dancing. May be that’s all he needs just a little recognition and praise. Hope it will help calm his mind to some extent. Some cases i blv can be handled with love and care 🙂


  7. I found the story by accident, while searching for weird tales, strange happenings – 0n the internet one evening.
    I like the story because, let’s face it – it is kind of creepy. Most of us have found themselves out walking alone at some late hour and experienced a sense of paranoia in the darkness, aloneness, and quiet of the moment that is unnerving, scary.


  8. Man to be honest not many stories scare me but this one made me kind of think I live in Richmond Virginia and I used to walk to clubs. And I got a little crazy stories similar to this but different this guy wants smiling. Anyway that’s it is crazy scary. The little video didn’t do the story much Justice but the animated version is

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  9. Is To Creepy I Already Watch It Actually 2 Times. First I Didn’t Know About The Video But The Second Time I Watched It My Professor Explained To Us The Real Story About The Smiling Man.!


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