I’ve long wanted an Intel Haswell-powered ultrabook because of the superior battery life it is proven to provide. I’ve also wanted Chromebook for the same reason. But I was more interested in Chromebook because they had one more thing that attracted me: a fairly cheap price point. But many people said that the ARM or Atom processor that Chromebooks come with aren’t really good for today’s resource-hungry web-pages.

Thankfully, Intel and Google just announced Chromebooks and one Chromebox running Intel Haswell processors. As a company, Google’s vision is very creative and thoughtful. Despite some products that failed to grab public attention, the company almost always gets things right. When people were making fun of Chromebooks, I said and believed that they have a future. And I believe I still stand corrected.

Google had announced Chrome Apps that work offline as standalone desktop apps. This is the first step to getting people ready for the Chrome OS interface that we’ll be greeted with whenever we pick up a Chromebook. As Pocket and many more will jump into making Chrome Apps, suddenly we’ll find ourselves in the ecosystem of Chrome Apps.

And that’s exactly when we’ll no longer have a problem with switching to Chromebooks. And trust me, that day is coming.

Read my feature article titled “With Intel Haswell-powered Chromebooks, Chrome OS becoming a worthy competitor to Google” on Live with Google.

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