no internet connection
No internet connection often feels like the end of the days.

The title may be theoretically incorrect. The internet does not run out. Your connection may be dropped, but it’s not the internet that is out. The internet is always there. All your files, ‘friends’, articles you read, pictures you uploaded, emails you sent and received, it’s always out there unless you or your service provided deletes it or all hells break loose causing some data centers to fail – which have no backup data centers.

Highly unlikely these days.

This network, for example, has three data centers (last time I checked). If any of them fails for some reason, the other two will be there to back you up. That’s why this service is insanely popular and trusted by many big publishing house like TIME.

Anyway, I just ran off the topic right on the first paragraph. Let’s get back to why I’m writing this post.

Lately I’m writing almost all of my articles and blog posts on Microsoft Word 2013. I picked up Google Drive as a viable alternative to Microsoft Word. But this 2013 edition is so aesthetically pleasing that I can’t think of anything else when writing. It’s not only best in its class for grammar and spelling check, but also it’s a pleasure to type on. Especially the way the cursor moves – its smooth movement introduces with Word 2013 – is a pleasure to the eye. It makes typing faster and a fun experience to begin with.

This may be silly. But I’m hooked up to it because I love it.

So why again, after promising to go back to the topic, I’m ranting about my unconditional love for Microsoft Word 2013?

That’s because I’m writing this very post on Microsoft Word 2013. Not by choice, but because I have no internet connection.

I use mobile Internet connection (3G, but that’s just the term) on a prepaid basis. My internet runs out (well, you know!) on the 29th day. I can’t possibly do anything about it. I keep my cash ready so that whenever the net line is disconnected, I can refill some money and reactivate the connection. But this time, it got disconnected at around 1 am.

The building I live in houses not just ours but also my sister’s and brother’s family. They are in 4th floor, and we are in first. I called up on my sister and asked her to turn her router on. The router’s signal often comes down to the first floor from the fourth and I often manage to browse the web with that connection. But today, because I need it most, I couldn’t find a good signal.

So, here I am, at 5.19 in the morning, straight 4 hours and 19 minutes and counting, sitting ducks with my laptop. I literally feel blank when there is no internet connection. All my works are internet-dependent. So, when the connection goes off, I can’t do anything. I can’t check email, I can’t read blogs, I can’t talk to my client, I can’t check up on my projects, I can’t stalk on Facebook – nothing.

I bought some AAA games back when Humble Origin™ Bundle was up. Sadly, because of huge file size and turtle-like internet speed, I couldn’t download most of the games. I only managed to download/grab Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2 and Burnout Paradise while Red Alert 3, Mirror’s Age, Dead Space and Dead Space 3 remains to be downloaded.

I’ve finished Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor. For weird reason, I didn’t like Crysis 2 much (possibly my low configuration laptop to blame) so I didn’t play it at all. I loved Burnout Paradise. Probably I won’t be playing Need for Speed Most Wanted ever again. I finished that, by the way.

But with my internet connection off, I can’t even log in to Origin™. My friends somehow managed to log in to Origin™ in offline mode, but when I try it, it just shows an error that Windows was unable to find update.exe and therefore could not run Origin™. So, with Burnout Paradise ready to be played, I can’t even play without an active internet connection.

That gets me down to writing, with my trusty Microsoft Word 2013.

microsoft word 2013
For serious writers, Microsoft Word 2013 is a must-have. Or at least deserves one check.

Roughly 50 minutes ago, it was raining outside. Sitting in the balcony of 1st floor, I not only enjoyed raindrops falling under the empty streetlight but also comforted myself with the gentle touch and sound of raindrops. But the rain didn’t last for much longer.

This is the second post I’m writing tonight (after the internet went off). It makes me realize how internet connection stalls my writing which does not need any research on the web. My movie review (after a long time) featuring Now You See Me (2013) is doing well. I have some reconstruction plan with this blog so I’m writing movie reviews as a ninja. As part of that, I just reviewed another movie I’ve recently watched. I won’t reveal the title just yet. That’ll only make you search the title and read the review elsewhere!

My MS Word’s word count exactly at this point shows 802 words. That’s a hell lot of rant for one night. I’m not sure if anybody ever reads this far – nobody has time these days to read how a stranger was passing his night without internet connection. But if you somehow managed to get this far, please, my request, instead of just pressing the Like button and moving away, take a moment and write a comment.

For today, just tell me what you do when you turn your computer on to do some work or social networking only to discover that your internet connection is unavailable?

9 thoughts

  1. A few times we’ve run into not having internet due to power outages. Most of the time I had my netbook charged and worked with that. The battery lasts a few hours, which gives me oodles of time to write posts. My netbook is loaded with XP and Office 2003. Yeah, old stuff, huh? But you know what? It works, and does what I want it to do. I have another PC that has Windows 7 and Office 2010, but I don’t do much with it since it’s a desktop computer. I guess I like my mobile option more. Besides, during a power outage, the desktop is a paperweight. I’ve also written whole posts on my iPod touch. Silly, isn’t it? It’s true, though.

    Anyway, great post. Obviously, you’re back online!


    1. Thanks Jack! You must be very, very patient to be able to write on an iPod touch. I have Swype keyboard on my Android phone and tab but I still find it too hard to write entire blog posts. Not that I’ve not written any, but they just suck the will to write out of me. I can’t really find much use of tablets when it comes to writing. See more on that here:

      You’re right about laptop’s mobility. I have a dual-core desktop and I hardly touch it. I find it very comfortable to type on a laptop. And yeah, I understand that MS Office 2003 is still perfect for what it is. Word 2013 won’t run as good as newer machines. But it’s just more appealing to type on Word 2013, you know. Funny that I wrote a couple of posts (and one short story) on Word 2013 just for the sake of writing on Word 2013. He he. 😆


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