Before I go into the post, I must assure you that — although I’ve written “Americans” in the title — I don’t judge people by their nationality, religion or race. Calling all Americans racists would be as stupid as some Americans calling all Muslims terrorists just because some are.

miss america racist comments
24-year-old Miss New York, Nina Davuluri. Born in Syracuse, New York and having lived in Oklahoma and Michigan, Nina Davuluri is the first ever Indian American crowned Miss America.

This Tumblr posting just grabbed my attention. I’m not really into Miss [City] and Miss [Country] thing. So I’m not particularly proud that some Muslim, or some South Asian for that matter, has won Miss America crown. But the reaction from a lot of Americans on Twitter is devastatingly cruel, sad, racist and downright unacceptable.

miss america tweets

miss america tweets
Just because you can’t spell or tell her name makes her a terrorist, right? Genius.

miss america

Check out some more of the mentionable tweets gathered by Public Shaming in Part 1 and Part 2 (where it gets worse).

P.S. I’m not sentimental because she’s a Muslim or because she’s a south Asian. I’m just frustrated at how Americans are reacting to her. Just because someone’s name isn’t what they’re used to in and her skin isn’t white, you can’t call her terrorist.

But I already lost any intention to talk sense into these mindless arrogant idiots.

20 thoughts

  1. There is no true “American” heritage…we all originate from other nations. The whole point of this country is supposed to be different nationalities coming together as one…this kind of attitude that a woman who was born in this country, is somehow not “American” just because of her skin color is ridiculous…because even if they don’t acknowledge that, that’s exactly what they’re saying. Would they be calling a woman with German heritage a Nazi if she had won? I doubt it, because she’d be more “white”. It’s really sad that there is still so much racism today. I am ashamed to say that I live in this country when people have this kind of attitude towards others.


    1. This one thing makes me partly proud because I was born in an Asian country. Here almost nobody judges people by religion or skin color. I don’t know why majority of Americans have this racist behavior. I wish someday this changes.


      1. I have to disagree here. After living in Asia, I can attest to the fact that much of Asia is very racist toward brown people in general, but especially black people.


        1. That’s not entirely true in here, though. There are definitely some who would judge you by your skin color, but they are a minority. Speaking of that, these Twitter people are also a minority. And the racism — mainly towards girls — over this part of the world is mainly because of how TV commercials describe women. Their message is always the same: You’re never better unless you’re fairer.


      2. “Farang khi nok” is a phrase used to describe western foreigners in Bangkok, from time to time. It may be in the minority, but I’m fairly certain that being compared to bird shit is a put-down, and it’s based on the color of skin. Asians are not exempt from racism or being racist, no country or people are.


  2. From a European point of view: I’d say these comments are a disgrace and luckily do not represent all Americans or a majority of them. Throughout the years and with the help of my blogging, I met a lot of Americans who are nothing like this. Who are ashamed by such ignorant fools. As Jessica Kay already said, Americans originate from all over the world, from many different cultures and countries. Which is basically why America exists in the way we all know it for. Sadly, Twitter gives a stage to the ignorant fools who are trying to tear all that down.


  3. Social media lends an equal voice to all, including (perhaps especially) those with highly offensive minority opinions. These idiots don’t speak for us. You know that, and you recognize that; thank you.

    But you write in your comment “I donโ€™t know why majority of Americans have this racist behavior,” and I think statistics and experience would prove you to be wrong. A majority of Americans are accepting of people of other races and ethnicities. These fools represent a tiny minority of our people, mostly in rural communities isolated from people different from them, who cling to illogical notions of “rightful” American heritage.

    As a side note, I think next year’s winner should be Native American. Can you imagine the ignorance that these people would display in that case? I can hear it now: “They should have picked a REAL American.” Oh, wait…


    1. Hi Nathan,

      I totally agree with you. I don’t think ‘majority of Americans’ think that, that was more like a figure of speech. But my second language English is making me confused with your last paragraph. Doesn’t native mean someone who was born in there? ๐Ÿ˜• A little explanation will help. ๐Ÿ™‚



      1. Sure, I understand. And as for the last paragraph, the problem is not your English, it’s a cultural context that I take for granted. But of course it would be confusing to you.

        Let me explain: in the USA, indigenous peoples (the original inhabitants of our land prior to European colonization) are referred to as Native Americans (with capital letters). Most are members of federally recognized tribes, Cherokee being the largest but other big ones being Navajo, Sioux, Seminole, etc. The label associated with this government classification system, “Native American”, has come to be a commonly recognized term for these indigenous peoples. The word “Indian,” while also in use, is confusing given the existence of an actual country named India, and is based on Christopher Columbus’ mistaken belief that he made it India when he landed in the Americas. So, when I say that next year’s winner should be Native American, I think the irony of the ignorant racism would extend even deeper – she would, after all, be the only “non-foreigner” to ever win the pageant.

        But the beauty and strength of our country is the extraordinary diversity of its people. No citizen of ours is a “foreigner.” I’m of German and English descent. My neighbors are Mexican in origin. My best friend is of African genetics. But we’re all Americans.

        So I salute the new Miss America, and expect the racists to be overwhelmed by the cheers of our open-minded and welcoming majority.


        1. Wow, Thank God I didn’t get into any online fight to prove that anyone born and lived in America is a native American. I would be proved ignorant. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

          I was never interested in history, though. ๐Ÿ˜›

          Thanks for clarifying the case. ๐Ÿ™‚

          (I checked one of your music videos. Always wanted to produce and edit like that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )


  4. I’m Indian descent, from America. There are racist everywhere, America is no exception. Just to clarify, the majority of Americans don’t support these tweets. They come from the most intolerant 1 or 2% of the population, and of course the media will have people believe all Americans are racists, just for a nice ratings boost.


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