i spit on your grave 2013

When we talk about certain movies, we instantly know that they are not for all audience. Even people aged between 20 and 40 often cannot digest the gruesomeness of those films. When another film makes an attempt at taking gruesomeness to the next level with graphic torture scene, we immediately compare them with these titles that are best known for their graphic gruesome scenes.

To name a few, we would go with the entire SAW series, and I Spit on Your Grave.

The 2010 remake contained as much graphic scene as possible bringing out the last drop of vomit for the first time viewer of such a film. That’s why when you hear that I Spit on Your Grave has a sequel, you might want to stay 100 feet away from it.

As a hardcore movie lover and specially a fan of SAW franchise, I watched all sorts of gruesomeness ever shown in a big screen. I won’t say I love gruesome torture scenes, I ain’t sadist; but for the love of the SAW series, I just digested them somehow. That’s how I became comfortable with these exceptional movies with excessive graphic violence.

From that experience, it’s safe to say that despite some eye-closing scenes, I Spit on Your Grave 2 has overall less graphic scene and less implication of torture compared to its predecessor.

i spit on your grave 2

The Storyline

i spit on your grave 2 movie
You turned him on there, missy.

I Spit on Your Grave 2 does not take any different turn from its predecessor. Just like on I Spit on Your Grave (2010), the sequel follows an NY girl who dreams to be a famous model and goes as far as to meet a stranger photographer for a free photoshoot. But when the photographer asks her to go nude, she realizes she’s in the wrong neighborhood but manages to leave without a fight.

i spit on your grave 2 movie still

The photographer himself is not the evil. But he’s with the evil.

A few precious minutes later, we see the photographer’s brother trying to get attention of the girl but failing to do so because of his awkward behavior. But when the girl goes too far, which this young fellow begins to deserve, he decides that the foreplay is over. And he unleashes the devil.

But when he comes to his mind a few minutes later, he discovers that he fucked up again, and this time pretty bad. There’s a dead man lying and a devastated girl who not only experienced the most brutal nightmare any girl can ever have but also witnessed her next door neighbor getting killed.

Thank God you don’t get to see much more of it.

In an effort to save the young guy from his evil deeds, the elder brother – the photographer – steps in and takes the unfortunate girl to a long, long journey. And it’s only the beginning of her nightmares.

The Gruesomeness Returns

The torture on the girl goes on and on for over half of the film’s runtime. There’s a surprising twist which somehow managed to make me feel even sadder for the girl. I’d leave that up to you for experiencing on screen. But after that, there comes a moment when you literally see no way how the girl can survive.

As the girl keeps on praying to God not to let her die like that, at least the director listens and makes a way out for her. After she manages to get a place to sleep in and have some food – and a bible – the gruesomeness, the real graphic torture begins.

Up until that point, you don’t really see much of a graphic violence. It is mostly implied and left for your imagination. But when the girl declares that “vengeance is mine”, the director decides to broaden the window and make you actually see – not only imagine – what’s going on.

All of her torturers die a brutal death. And you’re lucky enough to see how exactly they go down. There’s one particular death that will make you literally close your eyes – especially if you’re a guy. I’d be open and honest, it’s related to male genital.

i spit on your grave
Don’t trust every woman that are nice to you.

The 2010 film had such a scene but I remember that particular torture not being too graphic. But here, in I Spit on Your Grave 2, it goes widely on camera. And that’s one moment you – guys – seriously don’t want to see. Because trust me, once you see it, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

I’m not sure if you’ll have to see it, though. I hear the movie is being heavily censored and to go on cinema a lot of scenes need to be cut out. If that happens, you’ll be lucky (given that you don’t actually want to see the graphic scene).

i spit on your grave 2
It’s not magic, nor is it the spark of magic. It’s spark, of course, of some sort.

Not much left for imagination

It’s hard to say, in terms of gruesomeness, which one of the 2010 and 2013 sequel wins. The 2010 film had a scene where the victim’s eyes were forcefully open with some fish meat inside. And the crows gather around to eat that fishy stuff from the guy’s eyes using their long lips. This wasn’t clearly shown on the screen. It was left for viewers’ imagination.

In I Spit on Your Grave 2, not much is left for your imagination. Almost everything there is to it is shown on the screen. I can only remember this one scene that was too intense for me – even more intense than all 7 movies from the SAW franchise. But that’s about it. Chances are, your cinema won’t show those particular scenes. That will ultimately make I Spit on Your Grave 2 a much less violent movie.

Excitement Meter

I Spit on Your Grave is not a movie for entertainment in its true meaning of the word. Rather, it’s a thriller film that might even make you sick. But one thing I can say is, I Spit on Your Grave 2 does not show graphic violence at its best.

i spit on your grave 2
Scenes like this can be easily digested coming from SAW franchise.

I assume the director did this in an attempt to bring more people to the cinema – and to the genre – by lessening the graphical gruesomeness. And cutting that particular scene off may help succeed the trick. But then again, thanks to the original I Spit on Your Grave and the 2010 remake, I Spit on Your Grave 2 will still remain in the genre of truly horrifying movie with graphic torture scenes and violent implications on your mind.

If I were to rate, I’d give it 3/5.

Have you watched I Spit on Your Grave and this sequel? Tell me what you think about both of them together.

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