ipod touch 5G
I’m getting a slate-colored iPod Touch.

This is the first time I’m even remotely considering to get an iOS device for myself.

If the above sentence puts me on your mind as an anti-Apple guy, don’t get me wrong. MacBook Pro/Air is on the top of my dream gadgets’ wishlist. I’ve never bothered for an iOS device because it felt too tight and best used with a Mac computer.

But things have changed.

No, the iOS hasn’t gotten better (if worse, the iOS 7’s slow animations caused massive disappointment). But I’m rooting for something that’s stable. iOS is famous for being a stable operating system. Because all apps go through careful Apple selection and everything is tightly integrated, iOS has become more stable than most Androids (and I’m saying this as a fan of Android operating system). I haven’t opted in for any iOS simply because there wasn’t anything appealing to me more than its stability.

And now, the stability is the only thing that’s attracting me to it. But why an iPod Touch?

ipod touch 5G
The iPod Touch is basically an iPhone minus the phone.

First, I don’t want expensive mobile phone because it always stays with me and I wouldn’t feel safe with such an expensive device. Second, I don’t want yet another mobile phone. I’m quite good with my existing Android phone made in China and marketed/branded by a local company. It isn’t perfect, it doesn’t sync Gmail and Chrome because it lacks Play Store Services, but I’m still happy with it because it gets the job done and it has a superb battery life (2500 mAh, yes that’s a big deal). But there are two areas it sucks at: Stability of the OS and the camera.

Stability of the OS is affected by many apps I installed; something I can avoid by removing from this Android and installing on my iPod Touch instead. That will leave me with a basic low-cost Android phone with just a browser and calling capability, and an iPod Touch for almost everything else a smartphone has to offer.

As for the camera, perhaps somewhere down the line I’ll be getting a DSLR camera for myself, but for now, I need a good alternative to point-and-shoot camera. I want something that can snap good quality photos for web and can upload straight from the device without having to transfer to my computer. The Samsung Galaxy cameras are obviously good choice, but they are expensive. For that price point, I’d still get a DSLR.

It needs little telling that Apple is good at making cameras for its devices. iPhone cameras are so good that they sparked a trend called “iPhonography” (maybe spelled little different). Since iPhones are too pricey for me and I don’t honestly need another phone (or replace existing), the iPod Touch obviously seemed to be the better choice.

iPod Touch 5G
And it’s super thin; thinner than the iPhone.

I’m rooting for the iPod Touch 5th Generation. It’s still costly. And it lacks a lot of things. But at least it has an iPhone-level camera (better than iPhone 4 and comparable to iPhone 4S). On the software level, it’s essentially the iPhone 4S minus the phone part. Its hardware is outdating, but as far as Apple hardware is concerned, they last quite long. So, with an iPod Touch 5th Generation launched last year, I’m essentially getting an iPhone minus the phone, the iOS ecosystem (everyone said there are better apps on iOS. Time to check 😉 ) and an awesome camera that I can use to snap moments and upload right away.

For the most part, it’s going to come in handy when I’m at the Mozilla Summit 2013, live blogging on The Mozilla Magazine.

Haven’t heard about Mozilla Summit 2013? Hold on, a detailed post is on the way.

So, with an iPod Touch 5th Generation, I’ll step foot in the iOS ecosystem. I’m not terribly happy about it, because despite high sales, Apple is under criticism even from Apple fanboys. But I think for my purpose, it serves. I’m targeting a refurbished iPod Touch 5th Generation from Apple Store at about $249 whereas the new ones cost $299. If I can’t get time and chance to hit an Apple Store, I might end up buying a new one from Best Buy or Walmart in Silicon Valley (that’s where I’m going — yay!) – the Disneyland for any tech enthusiast around the world!

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What do you think of the iPod Touch 5th generation?

13 thoughts

  1. I went for the iPod 4th gen February of last year as they were phasing out the refurbished stock through apple. Overall, I do like it, but I think I’d rather have an andriod device with stronger hardware. The camera on the 4th gen is poor and it is a bit slow. The main dud about the 4th gen is the 256MB of ram vs the 512 in the iPhones. My apps and games, especially Bloons Tower Defense 5, frequently crash due to low memory. 5th gen iPod has 512 MB of ram, so that’s an upgrade. The iPod touch also lacks a GPS, which isn’t a big deal if you already have a smart phone, but I don’t so it would be a ncie feature. Overall, I like my 4th gen as a handy pocket decive so I don’t need to lug a laptop back and forth to school. If there was a google nexus or similar high end andriod device without the phone compnents, I would have gotten it rather than an iPod (I have andriod experience, but it’s closer to the customizability that I desire in electronic devices).


    1. iPod Touch wasn’t close to Apple until the 5th generation came out. Granted, they still lag behind when it comes to hardware, but on the camera level, which is one of the key points I’ve decided to get one, the 5th-gen offers an awesome camera. Plus it has almost everything (minus the GPS, though; I’m sure that’d be nice to have) that I need except the calling capability.

      I have a low-cost Android phone. And you can’t argue that even high-end Android phones tend to become sluggish when too many apps are thrown into them. Also the cameras on high-end phones can barely beat that of Apple’s. Only a few — such as HTC One — has a camera that you can honestly compare with an iPhone’s.

      From that point of view, iPod Touch 5th-gen has better camera than most low-, mid- and high-end Android phones. And that’s a big plus for me.

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. I didn’t want a smart phone and was using a Samsung Galaxy Player for music, apps, etc. I just recently switched to an iPod touch from the Samsung. The difference is like night and day. The iPod is much more responsive and quicker. The apps work better – no more freezing up or forced close. For music, iTunes is far superior to Google music and the player is more intuitive. The camera is light years ahead of the Samsung. Check out this photo I just took: http://huffygirl.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/jiminy-cricket-2/

    I think if you want the features of the iPod and don’t want an iPhone, you will be very happy with it. I also recommend buying from the Apple store if you’re able. The customer service there, (at least here in the states) is superb.


    1. I’m coming to the states in the first week of October, that’s one of the reasons I want to get a new gadget (just when I thought enough with the gadgets! 😉 ).

      Thanks for your suggestions. 🙂 Is yours a 5th-generation iPod Touch? When did you buy it and how much did it cost you?


      1. It is indeed a 5th generation with retina display and Suri (need wi-fi to use though.) I got the 32 gig which was $299.00 US. They just upgraded the operating system to iOS 7 so anyone you buy now would probably have the upgrade. The thing I liked about the Apple store is that the person who waited on me stayed with me until I was satisfied that I knew how to use it, and helped me set up things like the email and the calendar. Maybe you could save a little bit by getting it at BB, but they have a contract with Samsung now and are all about promoting those. I couldn’t get anyone in BB to wait on me to help me with the iPod.


        1. Apple Stores are best in class when it comes to customer support. It has always been like that. And I guess you meant Siri. 😛 I won’t be too hopeful about the voice assistant, though. I’m not a native English speaker so there’s a high chance that Siri won’t understand anything I’m saying. 😛


  3. I’ve been using an iPod Touch 5th gen. since November last year, bought it from Dhaka and I can guarantee you thr experience beats most android phones in or slightly above that price range.


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