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Okay, so you must be wondering now, how on earth did I end up being in the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, New York, United States? My home is halfway round the world, what brought me in the busiest city (not really!) in the world?

I’ll talk about that in another post. I’ve been trying to manage some time to write about my travel plans, experience and everything else about my first visit to the United States, but it has been hard so far. Now that I’ve got some time at the Apple Store with a stunningly beautiful retina-display MacBook Pro, I’m writing a follow-up post on my previous post about my decision to buy an iPod Touch fifth generation.

Now, I don’t think an iPod Touch 5G is a good buy for me. I like music, but I’m not sworn by it. I like reading a lot, surfing the web and reading news, but you know a 4″ device isn’t perfect for that. I’m liking the iPad Mini here, which has a close price to the iPod Touch 5G, but the problem is, a sequel to the iPad Mini is likely on October 22nd — when an Apple event will take place. It’ll be stupid to my an iPad Mini when a follow-up — possibly equipped with retina display — is weeks away.

So I was wondering what to buy. What I’ve wanted for years is a MacBook. I’ve loved MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. Right now, a 13-inch MacBook Air sounds the best Mac because it packs Haswell processor (equals to 12 hours of battery life) and is very lightweight. But I can’t manage that much money (close to $1200) right now. My father advises me to hold on to the money and wait a few months to finally get what I’ve waited for years.

That’s true. Though right now, inside an Apple Store, I’m slightly considering to get an iPad Mini, I’ve written about why tablet devices don’t cut it for me. It’s probably the environment inside the Apple Store that’s having an effect on me! 😉

So, after hours of wondering and wandering inside the Apple Store, I’ve come to this conclusion: wait a few months and get a Mac. I’ve been toying with iPods, iPads, iPhones, MacBook Pros and Airs, and so far I like MacBooks best. MacBook Pro with retina display is outstanding, but it’s too pricey for me just for that display. So right now, I’m targeting a 13-inch MacBook Air. I’ve got to save around $800 (plus $300-400 my father promised). So that could mean months.

But in the end, I feel that this is the best decision.

Getting a MacBook has been my resolution since 2009/2010. Please wish me luck so that it is fulfilled within the next year!

Oh, and if you’re in NYC (I’ve got a long list of followers, don’t know where everyone is from), please say hi @aisajib on Twitter. 🙂

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  1. Can’t say I blame you. iPods are great for a small device and basic internet activities or applications while conveniently fitting in your pocket. It’s especially useful because it has a camera (even though basic on the 4th gen that I have). iPads lose the pocket convenience for a larger screen, but I don’t think they really do much more. Typing on them may be a bit faster due to larger buttons, but it’s still much slower than when using a dedicated keyboard like a laptop or desktop.

    In my opinion, it’s easier to find quality software for desktop environments than mobile apps. I’d sooner take a Windows, Linux , or Mac desktop / laptop than an iPod. I feel that the software and hardware remains viable for much longer than an iPod as well. A lot of my applications for my iPod require iOS 5 or later. This means that any iPod devices released before September 9, 2009 are effectively outdated. To contrast, desktops can last a good 10 years if needed (although the power supply may need to be replaced) and updating components does help. A Pentium 4 running faster than 2GHz with 1.5GB of RAM still does fine for office suites, web browsing, etc.

    I used some Mac desktops in school computer labs (2010) and I didn’t like their window management or desktop environment. I kept losing where windows went. I also wouldn’t go for a Mac because they charge too much for hardware. Windows has more programs developed for it, so I’d go for a Windows computer before a Mac. For my personal computer, I use primarily use Ubuntu Linux because it’s faster than XP which isn’t optimized for modern hardware. It’s also a lot easier to update Ubuntu. Most software comes from a central repository, unlike Windows which requires users to hunt down updates for 3rd party programs or programs nagging about updates when the computer starts up. I don’t feel like buying a new Windows Operating System and I like the way Ubuntu runs.

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    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comments. I wouldn’t go into a debate about Windows vs Ubuntu vs Mac. I like Mac because I think it’s stable. Window management may not be as good as Windows, or perhaps it’s just the fact that we’re more comfortable in Windows’ window management because we’ve been using it for years. Ubuntu is a nice choice but the fact many apps don’t run on it makes a big difference. Yeah there are alternatives, but there comes moments when alternatives don’t really cut it.

      And to be fair, if all logic runs dry, I’ll just say I like Macs — because of their design, hardware, operating system, etc.

      And I wouldn’t really compare desktop computers with tablets. My case is different, because I’m a writer myself and I don’t feel good to type on a touchscreen (I use Swype Keyboard on my Android phone, though, which is fast.); but tablets have greater and easier use for just surfing the web, reading books, watching movies etc. There’s a reason tablet sales are going up each quarter. 🙂

      In yesterday’s case, the timing couldn’t be more awkward. There’s a new iPad Mini on the way, iPod Touch seems like a bargain to me since I’m not a music fan, and what I truly wanted was out of my budget. So I had to ditch the idea of spending money “just to get anything because I visited Apple Store”.

      Let’s just hope I won’t have to wait too long until I can get my hands on a MacBook. I’m looking for 13-inch Airs although the retina displays made me crazy! 😦


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