iphone 5c
iPhone 5c actually feels good in hand. @ Apple Store, Fifth Avenue, New York.

Apple made its biggest move in the recent years by introducing a new form of iPhones – called iPhone 5c – that are not only colorful, but also relatively (by that I mean $100) cheaper than the original 5s. Not to say that Apple has never produced colorful gadgets in the past, in fact it did, but when it comes to two main products of Apple – Macs and iPhones – this is something entirely new.

While a lot of people are in true love with these colorful little phones, and in the same measure praising Jony Ive for the colorful design, a handful of people are also worried about the future designs of iPads and MacBooks. Now that Apple is officially into the era of colorful gadgets with its premium line of products, will there be a colorful MacBook Air/Pro or iPad sometime in the future?

A red is on the way.

If Jony Ive’s latest design is to be taken into consideration, this might actually happen at some point. As The Verge reported, Jony Ive and Marc Newson is designing a special red colored Mac Pro – the company’s latest power house – that will be up for auction for charity. It’s definitely a good thing. When Mac Pros go on sale by the end of this year, a lot of people will spend three grand to get their hands on these powerful machines. Why not make something out of the ordinary for good purpose?

But the thing that might make those worried of colorful Macs even more worried is the choice of color: red.

colorful mac pro
It might be a matter of time until something like these pop up.

It isn’t the first time a red product is up for charity. Apple also sells Apple Store exclusive RED products (iPods). Part of the money is spent on helping Africa fight AIDS. But the fact that color is hitting Macs does make us – yes, myself included – worried that someday we might see the greatest designer on earth come up with colorful MacBook Air and Pro.

I’m not particularly an Apple fan. I do praise Apple for their premium hardware (Yes, even the iPhone 5c feels premium at hand though they should have been cheaper to support Apple’s theory) and stability of its software – both on mobile phone and desktop operating system. I don’t use iOS because they are too pricey and I don’t really like the limit that iOS comes with. But I’ve always been a fan of Macintosh and MacBook Pro/Air. I’m still counting when I’ll be able to afford a MacBook.

In fact, I ditched my decision to get an iPod Touch in favor of getting a MacBook in the future. But if Apple introduces colorful MacBooks. They might as well count me out.

It’s not that colorful laptops look bad. It’s the expectation. I like how MacBook Pro/Air looks. Yes, they all look the same. But still they do sell and they sell pretty well; all that for a reason. When I’ll buy a Mac, it’ll not only be because of the OS X, but also the look and feel of the computer. With that said, I’m okay to get a colorful HP Chromebook for the price it’s available in. But in case of Mac, I’ll be sticking to the premium design.

Perhaps even if Apple introduces colorful Macs, they will not discontinue the current design of MacBooks. And in that case I’ll obviously go with the current design. But I can’t help but wonder how it will look to see colorful MacBooks just like a lot of my Facebook friends are afraid of.

Would you buy yourself a [possibly $100 cheaper] colorful MacBook Pro/Air?

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