mirpur shaheed minar
Entrance to what is known as Mirpur Shaheed Minar where in every morning, hundreds of joggers come by from nearby houses.

I actually did spend the night in my bed — watching movies like The Internship and documentary on journalism, Page One — but not for a moment did I feel sleep in my eyes. They say when you’re too busy thinking about something, you cannot sleep unless you haven’t been sleeping for a really long time. I’ve had a great sleep the previous night so I didn’t have any problem keeping myself busy about what I’m going to do with my future.

With the real challenge in journalism, and my passion for journalism in English language to reach a broader audience as opposed to the reality in my head, I can say that I had yet another day full of confusion and tension about how I should play the future. Of course, Steve Jobs said that one cannot connect the dots with the future. Only when things happen, you can look back at the things that happened in your life and connect the dots.

A lot has happened in my life so far. And I can say that I can, indeed, connect the dots in backwards; like the way it’s supposed to. I’m just worried that I shouldn’t fall into the wrong tracks while chasing down my dreams. What if I have to make a difficult choice right now that I shouldn’t be making? They say to get something better, you have to first leave something. What if I’m deciding to leave something that could actually lead to where I want to go?

Among all these fears and confusions, another foggy morning just came up. So, before I could head back to my bed for a possibly long nap, I just wanted to go to my balcony and take a photo of the foggy weather outside. I actually wanted to take a long walk into the fog, but with the city dwellers waking up for yet another busy day, I just don’t find any interest in it anymore.

And while I’m heading to bed, I know it’s night in the United States and perhaps some other countries in the farthest part of the world. To them, “Good Night!”

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