This is a guest post written by Julie Huang.

What is the first thing will you do when you wake up? Checking you phone if there is a message? Checking your email or Facebook account which actually you have checked before you sleep last night?

The Internet has become a major supplement in our life. And thankfully that now, Bangladesh government has set a new standard for broadband internet speed up from 128kbps to 1Mbps, which means that the user can get access to the internet faster. Maybe one of the reasons why they finally did this is to get a higher internet penetration in Bangladesh. Because although we are one of the countries who produce many TOP computer engineers, in terms of internet penetration, we are one of the lowest with only 0.4% internet penetration! But there is a bright hope.

In the beginning of 2013, The Daily Start has reported that Bangladesh has touched a staggering amount 33.43 million internet users, and of course many will come follow.

There are so many things that we could find with the perfect combination of Internet + Google. You can find the latest information in Bangladesh or international by checking online newspaper like this. Find real estate online in Bangladesh here, the listing also available across the country either to buy, sell or rent. Shopping has become unlimited with shopping online like this. Even to travel, it is not necessary anymore for you to leave your favorite couch, as now you can do virtual travel that provides 360 degree aerial here. Social media has offered a new way of communicating through Facebook, Skype, and email. Do you know that in Bangladesh, Facebook is adding a new user for every 20 seconds!

For some, internet is like God, where it answers all your question and need. But be wise when you are in front of your computer, or you might end up like this!

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