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It makes perfect sense to be confused over whether a desktop computer will be a good purchase or a laptop will if you are trying to decide for your first computer. First, you will be very excited so you will naturally lose the ability to think straight. Second, since you haven’t owned any computer before, you will be wondering what type of computer is suitable for what and what makes one type superior to another. And third, if you already have a laptop, you might be wondering whether you should get a desktop computer for yourself this holiday.

Good news is, there is no superior type of computer. It all comes down to what suits best for you. Nobody but you can decide what is the perfect form factor for you. I can’t, either. But I can definitely show you 5 reasons why you should buy a laptop instead of a desktop computer as well as 5 reasons why you should go down the desktop route. Here’s the latter:

Desktop Computer is a Long-Term Investment

I’d be lying if I said a laptop can’t last as long as a desktop does. It comes down to how you use them, how much you care them, and the quality of the product that you buy. But a desktop is, in some ways, longer-lasting than a laptop.

First, newer models of laptops keep coming from brands. So it won’t be long until you feel like using an old computer even if the processor inside is powerful enough to get the job done. Second, while you can only increase the RAM of your laptop, you can upgrade/change pretty much everything on a desktop. You can either buy a new part when a certain one stops working or when you just want to upgrade. You can go from Core-i5 to Core-i7 if you need to, you can upgrade your graphics card to whatever you like making sure your motherboard is compatible and your power-supply unit is capable of powering the new beast. You can even change the casing of your CPU from time to time if you feel like your computer is getting old.

That was just the internal part. You can get new external devices like monitor, peripherals, sound system, etc. Of course, you can change them even when you’re using your laptop as a desktop (see the last point), but still on a desktop, where you keep staring at these externals for as long as you’re in front of your computer, the change is more visible.

Desktop Gives You Space

Desktop usually takes a good portion of space out of your home, office or wherever you set them up. As the name suggests, it needs a desk and a place in your room where in case of laptop, you don’t need any dedicated space. However, desktop computer not only takes space, it also gives you space.

Talk about long hours of work, you can stretch your arms and legs and you can feel a little more productive given that your desktop set-up is smart and clean. Because you can place your monitor wherever you want, you can take your keyboard in whichever side of the table (or even on your lap), you will feel more comfortable working on a desktop computer. Although working for too long without taking a walk is injurious to your health, which can be avoided with a laptop, it’s also not so good for health if you sit tight when you’re working on your laptop on a table.

So, if you think you’re going to be using a dedicated space in your room for your computing needs, you might consider getting a desktop. Because it gives you space. I have a desktop computer but I find myself rarely using it because I work on my laptop and I don’t work at the same place all the time. But I can’t argue with the fact that every once in a while, it feels refreshing to use a desktop computer.

Desktop Gives You More Power

Even if equipped with UPS, a desktop computer will always be consuming power. A laptop computer has benefits on this end. But this isn’t the power that I’m talking about. I’m talking about processing power.

Of course, you can get a highly powerful core-i7 processor with the best NVIDIA or Radeon graphics card there is, but a desktop computer will do much better if you need raw processing power. If rendering videos, working with large photos and graphics, editing videos or making 3D animations is your kind of thing, you should have a desktop at home or your office.

It’s not just because desktop’s processor and graphics card units are bigger than that of laptop’s, but because desktop’s processor has more breathing room. A desktop cooling system is simply better than that of an Alienware. And for that amount of money, you can build a desktop computer way powerful than that. Which brings us to the next good thing about desktop computer.

Desktops are Customizable

It might be a pain in the *somewhere private* to come up with the perfect combination of graphics card and processor. And even if you do, and if you regret your decision a couple of months later, you will be stuck with your laptop because you can’t change the graphics card or processor of a laptop. However, with a desktop, you can do everything.

Let’s start from the first, you can build your desktop computer just the way you want. You can even purchase every part of your desktop — motherboard, processor, RAM, hard disk or SSD, graphics card, casing, power supply unit — and then assemble them together. Don’t be scared on that assemble part because you don’t have to do it yourself. The technician at the shop you purchase these items from will be happy to help you out.

After you’ve made your purchase, if you decide something isn’t right and should be changed, you can always either replace the part with something else or sell that online and buy a different part. Be it graphics card, casing, processor, whatever; you can change it. That makes desktop computer extremely customizable.

Desktops Sustain Rough Use

This brings up the first point of this post: desktops are long-lasting computers. If you’re not the kind of people who care their gadgets more than their girlfriends, then you might find yourself comfortable with a desktop computer. Mostly because its parts are separated — keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc — it can take regardless of how roughly you use it. Even for long-term using, like running for weeks without shutting down (for rendering or whatever purpose), desktop is your best bet. Make sure that the cooling system works fine, though. Otherwise a blast might be imminent.


Just like with the laptop, it comes down to what you prefer. You might want to hang around your friend’s house to see what it feels like to use a laptop and a desktop computer. You can consider the benefits described above as well as the benefits of using a laptop in the earlier post. Combined, you should be able to come up with a decision of what type of computer you should get.

Before you head out, make sure to leave a comment with your decision and exactly what made you decide.

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