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Buying a computer for the first time can be an occasion for month-long celebration. But before you make the purchase, you might be facing some of the most confusing times of your life having to decide which one to choose between a desktop computer and a laptop. This confusion can apply even if you already own a computer and looking to a second purchase or an upgrade. But if you already have a computer, you already know what it likes to use what you have. On the contrary, if you’re purchasing your very first computer, it’s easy to be confused.

Today, depending on my years of experience of using both desktop computer and a laptop, I’m going to walk you through some of the best reasons why you should buy a laptop. Also check out why you should buy a desktop computer instead!

Laptop is Extremely Portable

I don’t know why I put the word “extremely” into the sub-heading, probably because I use my laptop half-lying in my bed. But the truth is, a laptop is indeed very portable. In fact, it’s what makes a laptop a laptop. It’s supposed to be used on your lap, though that’s not really a good thing to do due to health issues.

In real life situations, you can use a laptop basically anywhere you want. You can grab your laptop and go to your living room, backyard, veranda or even at your friends’ house. If your work depends on your laptop, you can be relieved to be carrying your laptop all the time with you knowing that whenever you need to work, you can get down to it.

You can also go to places with the laptop in your backpack. It gives you the true freedom to work from anywhere. Even if you don’t work on your computer, you can still enjoy the portability of laptop because, simply, you can take it anywhere.

Laptops Don’t Always Need Power Source

You don’t always have to worry about power source. A laptop typically allows you over 3 to 4 hours (depending on laptop model and battery capacity and what you do) without requiring it to be connected to a power source. So you can always go to your favorite restaurant, grab a coffee, write something or do some work away from home or office, all without worrying about power source.

However, buying a laptop with low battery backup might end up causing you a lot of trouble for this very reason. So, if you’re purchasing a laptop, always make sure that the battery backup is long enough. Around 6 to 8 hours should be the least battery backup unless you’re planning for ultrabooks that cost more and give over 10 hours of backup.

Laptop is Wire- and Clutter-less

Ever felt annoyed by all those cables lying around desktop computers in your office or friend’s home? If you aren’t into wires anymore, laptop should be your first choice. When on battery power, a laptop is just like your mobile phone. It is connected to wireless connection, and perhaps a wireless mouse too, and it still works just like a desktop computer.

No doubt that you can go wireless with your desktop computer by going wireless on mouse and keyboard, but on a typical setup, your monitor is connected to the CPU via a cable, and your CPU is undoubtedly connected with the power source. Also, you’ll have to keep changing the batteries (and keep spare ones) for your mouse and keyboard.

With a laptop, however, the only cable that needs to be connected is the power adapter. That’s only when your laptop needs charging. Since keyboard is built-in, you don’t have to worry about a keyboard. You will need batteries for a wireless mouse, but you won’t feel dumb if battery runs out of juice because you have a touchpad on your laptop which you can use to keep working. Also, the monitor is part of the laptop, so there’s no question about cables being there.

Ultimately, laptop provides you with the true wireless set up that you might end up loving.

Laptop is a Computer

There is no reason to think that by buying a laptop, you’re not getting a “real” computer or “full” computer. The only thing you would be sacrificing is the processing power. You won’t miss that too if you get a Core-i5 or Core-i7 processor laptop. Every bit of a laptop is equivalent to a full-fledged desktop computer. You don’t need a dedicated space to set up your laptop. You can place it anywhere and start working, playing, watching movies or listening to music.

So, if you’re wondering whether purchasing a laptop gets you anything less than a computer, you’re wrong. A laptop is a full computer. Many companies — web development and design firms, publishing houses, e-commerce sites, etc — are managed entirely on laptop computers. With a laptop, you get more features that aren’t available on a desktop computer.

Laptop can be Transformed into a Desktop

That’s right. If you feel that a laptop is too compact for you, you can always connect it to an external monitor, hook up with keyboard and mouse and sound system, and you’re ready with a desktop computer. Many professionals opt for a laptop computer and an external monitor. This duo gives them the feeling of desktop computer while still having the ability to take laptop out when needed. You can use your laptop as a desktop computer, but you can’t use a desktop computer as a laptop. Unless, though, you’re feeling like carrying your CPU and monitor around.


A laptop gives you more choice. While a desktop comes with some benefits like being able to upgrade over time, laptop has its own set of benefits. It’s convenient to use, it gives you flexibility and freedom, and it can be a perfect companion of your day-to-day life, even if you own a tablet device or an over-sized smartphone.

So, what have you decided? Let me know what you’ve decided in the comments. Ask me if you have questions. Remember to check out the benefits of using a desktop computer, too.

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  1. well, i already have a laptop and it started crushing 1,5 years later. I am thinking about an own-build desktop from a professional friend. Should i buy a new laptop and treat it better, or just build my desktop??!?!?!?!?!!? Please tell me i seriously need help!


    1. It really depends on how you want to use it. πŸ™‚ If you find yourself working on your computer most of the time while at home, I guess you can’t go wrong with a desktop. Admittedly, desktops can cost a bit much at first, but, in the long run, they are a good investment. On the other hand, if you move a lot and enjoy the benefits of taking the laptop out and get to work from coffee shops, restaurants, or a friend’s place, then the choice should be obvious to you. πŸ™‚


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