mirpur shaheed minar

Also published on CNN iReport.

Every year, we observe Martyred Intellectuals Day on 14th December. We commemorate the intellectuals of our country who were brutally killed by Pakistani forces and its allies towards the end of 1971 Liberation War in an evil attempt to cripple our country’s further development. Ironically, our country secured its sovereignty just two days after this brutal incident took place. On December 16th, Bangladesh earned its place in the world map.

We have come a long way since then. The country has advanced in many sectors. Education has reached many remote areas of this country greatly increasing the literacy level. But one thing we haven’t yet been able to conquer is greed. Greed of power, money and everything a political leader can dream of.

If you have been following me for long enough, you should’ve known of all the brutality that’s going on in Bangladesh. Nobody seems to be worried enough to do anything. Political parties are busy blaming each other. Public media is busy covering stories on how many are burned and dead. And the average people like me are just getting along just fine accepting everything as ‘fate’.

But there’s no point in ranting about that anymore. This year’s parade at National Parade Square in celebration of the Victory Day on 16th December has already been canceled due to the political unrest. It used to be a happy occasion where hundreds of people would join in person or watch the parade live on TV. But the Shaheed Minar (Mausoleum of the Martyrs) in Mirpur appears to be being prepared for this year’s Martyred Intellectuals Day on December 14th. I live next to this Shaheed Minar where hundreds of people pay their respect every year. I see the place is closed for the past two weeks and the approaching roads are under construction.

If the observation takes place, at least we city dwellers will have an occasion to set foot outside without the fear of getting killed. I’ll be publishing photographs if the observation takes place in Mirpur Shaheed Minar.

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