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Everyone’s talking about Dhoom 3. The story of an organized group of thieves being chased down by a stubborn police officer and a would-be police officer (cop-buddy) that debuted in early 2004 saw enormous success even at its sequel, Dhoom 2. Although a large part of Dhoom 2 felt like a waste of time, the movie did manage to pick up pace towards the second half and didn’t fail to amaze the audience with a near-credible story and totally incredible stunts.

Dhoom 3 follows the same drill. With its first half feeling like a comedy film full of actions and slow-motion fighting scenes, the second half picks up the pace and actually moves the story forward.

The movie is full of action scenes that are a little too stretched compared to the storyline, which lacks originality. An important plot of the story is borrowed from a popular Hollywood movie released in 2006 directed by Cristopher Nolan (Do your research if you’re tempted to know which one.). I’m tempted to mention the name of the movie, but if I did, it’d become a big spoiler for anyone who wants to watch the movie despite how not-so-awesome Dhoom 3 is.

dhoom 3 poster


A lot of people argued that Dhoom 3 was a copycat of Now You See Me, the Hollywood movie that shows a group of magicians pulling a bank heist in front of a live audience. All of those assumptions were based on Dhoom 3 trailers that showed Aamir Khan with a magician look robbing banks.

However, the actual story has no similarity to Now You See Me. The story begins from Aamir’s childhood when he and his father had a circus on the verge of falling out. His father begs the bank not to shut the circus down, and shows the bank officials an act that he claims to be the best act ever. However, the officials are not pleased and asks the circus to clear off. Hearing the news, Aamir’s father commits suicide onstage. After that, Aamir makes it the goal of his life to put an end to that bank.

dhoom 3 aamir
Don’t look too close. You might find something you’ve already seen in Hollywood movies.

The whole story, with a tiny bit of romance, is Aamir’s successful heist of the same bank over and over again until the bank is forced to shut down and his ‘expensive’ getaway from under the nose of Abhishek and the entire police force. This story of revenge has some minor twists. For the first time since the series’ debut, Abhishek goes undercover and becomes friend with Aamir. Upon revealing his identity, he tries to convince Aamir to surrender. But Aamir had one last job to pull off. One that will put an end to the bank responsible for his father’s suicide.

The story is pretty much an average Bollywood film short of twists and out-of-the-box thinking. It fails to be one of those films that attracts viewers as if they are glued to the screen. But I did particularly like how the movie ended. At least moviegoers will leave the theater with a little bit of satisfaction in their mind from a storyline point of view.


The movie feels full of police chases and stunts that are too often shown in slow motion, making us realize even more that the stunts are fake. Sure, when movies like Matrix showed slow motion stunts, it was really exciting. But when you see every little bash in the head with a bamboo (that is oftentimes glued to a three-wheeler vehicle) in slow motion, it becomes really boring.

Despite an average type storyline, Dhoom 3 shows some eye-popping (or meh, depends on how much movies you watch) yet boring stunts and that’s all there is to it. Particularly the final chase is nothing compared to that of 2004 Dhoom. The whole pack of stunts feels like a desperate attempt to live up to the name of the franchise.

katrina in dhoom 3
Katrina does not play any big role in the movie for what you won’t get to see her too often. I was thinking why she was in the movie in the first place. To figure out how to finish the story? Yes. To grab public attention? That, too.

However, the cast did a good job representing who they are. Abhishek is, as always, a stubborn police officer, Uday Chopra is still fascinating no less than 3 children with whomever lady he comes across, while Katrina and Aamir perfectly mirrors the characters they act for.


Dhoom 1 still remains the best film in this franchise. While Dhoom 2 was good enough, the movie particularly felt boring thanks to a long period of nothingness in the beach with Uday Chopra. Thankfully, Dhoom 3 does not waste any moment. Granted, the movie feels worse than 2004 Dhoom, and the storyline could have been much better, but at least it isn’t as boring as Dhoom 2.

With that said, Dhoom 3 still fails to live up to the expectations and charisma that Dhoom fans would be expecting. Sure, there are lots of crashes, explosions and unbelievable stunts with ‘transformer’ bikes, but from a storyline point of view, only the very ending of the movie is what makes the movie worth your time.


aamir katrina

Dhoom 3 is an average film. Despite the reports that Dhoom 3 has broken all box office records, it’s still an average film. Financial success does not necessarily mean a film is great. Much of its success is due to moviegoer’s interest and expectation from Dhoom franchise. But I watched the original Dhoom released in 2004 at least 6 times. The filming, the storyline, the cast, the stunts, the sound effect, everything was gorgeous.

Today, almost 9 years later, Dhoom is back with its third film. And I still miss the thrill of Dhoom. I probably won’t watch Dhoom 3 again. Perhaps all the movies released in the meantime with superb storyline are to blame for this which have significantly increased our expectations from a movie this big.

If I were to rate Dhoom 3 out of 10, I’d rate it 6.5.

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    1. I didn’t see the trailer. Even if I did, I would still watch the film just because it’s the Dhoom franchise. But I’m skeptical whether I’d watch a fourth installment of the series.


    1. Just read your post. You’re right about Aamir. I too was wondering how did Aamir take on a role that meaningless. Perhaps he too got caught up on how much financial success the name of the movie was going to get.


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