Every year around December, thanks to the internet, I see the world preparing to celebrate not just the new year, but also the snowfall, Christmas and end of the year. Before that, of course, comes thanksgiving, Halloween, black Friday and cyber Monday (Have I missed anything?); none of which is particularly celebrated in Bangladesh. But endless hours of movie- and TV show-watching has given me enough idea of how people around the world — mostly in the United States — prepare for the holidays as end of the year and Christmas approaches.

But I have never experienced this. So, I have no idea, literally.

The cheer of holidays is half seen on the internet, on people’s blogs, on internet medias and so on. It’s more like Eid in Bangladesh, for which people prepare for months and the whole country goes crazy over this by buying gifts, new clothes and whatnot. However, the added benefit of Christmas and end of the year is that it’s always winter. Now, I have never experienced snowfall for it doesn’t snow in Bangladesh, so pardon ย me if I’m saying snowfall is cool while it might be the cause of you staying at home over the holidays. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And then comes the eves. The evening before the Eid day is celebrated with more fun and joy than the Eid itself. From what I understand, the Christmas eve and New Year’s eve is pretty much the same. Though it’s ‘no holiday’ here in Bangladesh, I can sense it pretty well thanks to wherever I go on the web.

I love the holidays because it’s at the end of a year. People get to remember how they spent the year, be together with the people they love, celebrate all they want, and bid them best wishes as they move forward to a new year with a lot of hope and goals to achieve. Over here, that doesn’t happen. Even parties at New Year’s eve isn’t that common except in the higher class societies.

Perhaps one day I’ll get to spend the holidays in a country where it’s celebrated most? Let’s see.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to everyone!

(Feel free to share this post if you’re in a similar situation where you haven’t experienced the fun of holidays but still care to wish others.)

2 thoughts

  1. Not sure if you were going for order, but Halloween is October 31st, then comes Thanksgiving (fourth Thursday of November), then the day after, you go out Christmas shopping which is known as Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a few days later and is the online shopping chance to pick up anything you missed on Black Friday. I think buying electronics are common on cyber monday, although other stores run sales too. Christmas eve is generally spent with family and christmas is too. New Year’s Eve is an excuse to party until at least midnight. Thinking about it, I have no idea why New Years is celebrated so much…

    That video was actually pretty funny. I about skipped it because I thought it was going to be a model posing as a Christmas gift or something.


    1. Thanks! I wasn’t sure exactly when’s thanksgiving or what black Friday really is. Thanks for the clarification.

      And you’re right, the video is pretty fine. Though I was surprised at first to see how an ordinary girl — at whom I wouldn’t look twice ๐Ÿ˜‰ — was transformed into a glamorous model by make-up. I think I’m never gonna believe in model’s/celebrity’s beauty. ๐Ÿ˜


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