yellow cab in new york
Cab in Rest

There’s an interesting story behind taking this photo above.

It’s the car parking area of Jackson Heights in New York, shot in October 2013. It was a pleasant morning and I was just framing this cab from the other side of the driveway. Cabs in Bangladesh have poor conditions; by contrast, these cabs would make a great impression to my Bangladeshi folks, that’s why I was framing this photo.

While I was taking the shot, I took multiple shots in different focal lengths but when I turned my eye away from the viewfinder, I noticed another car was standing on the driveway. It took me a second to realize she was waiting for me to finish capturing the photo, and when I was, she simply drove away.

I literally had to look at that car for the next few moments as it vanished into the traffic. I wouldn’t expect that sort of courtesy from a lot of people.

Simple yet interesting memories like this is what makes photography interesting to me. Every snap holds not just a photo but also some moments, memories and thoughts with it.

Why do you do photography?

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