buy sell in bangladeshOver the last few years, one particular sector in Bangladesh that has really escalated is online shopping. Not only there are now a number of highly active e-commerce sites where you can purchase almost anything from, there are websites to buy and sell personal belongings as well. One would think that there may be one or two websites providing such services. But the reality is the market of online buy and sell has become highly competitive.

One interesting thing I noticed over the past few months from the commercials of these newly launched online buy and sell websites is how they encourage people to sell off things that they don’t need. Indeed, almost anyone has something that they no longer need; and someone else could really use getting that thing at a low price. Making outstanding offers on posting free ads, these companies have really made a spike when it comes to buy and sell in Bangladesh online. 

Thanks to the recently launched 3G internet connectivity and previously launched WiMAX services, a lot of people in the urban area (and in rural areas as well where 2G internet is well available) are now connected to the internet. This enables people to put up free ads for selling the stuff that they don’t need. This also helps potential buyers to look for sellers with second-hand items at a low cost in the surrounding area. Make no mistake, such services have been active in the country for a long time, but it’s only recently that people have really begun using it. It’s a fast and efficient way for buyers to find sellers and vice-versa.

That said, the ultimate buy and sell has to happen face-to-face. Of course, you choose how you want to send the item to the buyer, the website you’re using does not limit how you want to proceed with transactions or other things. But the safest way is to meet face-to-face in public place and deal with your potential customer. More often, the customer buying your item will try to negotiate the price. So it’s generally a good idea to take a look at what’s the price of your item in the marketplace (you’ll definitely find other people selling the same item).

I have never been a good seller when it comes to selling second hand items. I did sell a thing or two in the past, but the idea of negotiating almost always haunts me, that’s probably because I’m not really a people person. But with old gadgets piling up on my table, I have a hunch that I’ll have to look for buyers online. And like many other, I’m thankful that there are plenty to go to.

Have you sold anything online recently in Bangladesh? How’s your experience?

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