the walking dead

Anytime last year, if you were to ask me about my all time favorite TV show, I would’ve answered with ‘The Walking Dead’ right away without any delay. This year, and moving forward, that is no longer happening.

The Walking Dead became my favorite TV show not just because I’m a huge fan of Zombie Apocalypse. Not that I want an apocalypse to take place, but the idea of a world falling apart and living in it without knowing the future kind of fascinates me. But that’s topic for another day.

Monsters Within

The Walking Dead was the best because of how it portrayed human behavior. In a world where bloodthirsty zombies are lurking everywhere and one scratch from them could be fatal, you would think that everyone will be just afraid of them. But The Walking Dead shows the other part of human behavior when they are put into a tough spot. Throughout the series, or at least the first three season, you’ll notice how you are actually more afraid of other living human than the undead, or the walking dead ones.

I give credit to Frank Darabont, creator of The Walking Dead series, who is best known for portraying the other side of human behavior. Famous for some of the best titles to date including The Mist (My all time favorite movie), The Shawshank Redemption, and The Green Mile. On The Mist, it’s not the creatures lurking outside that are the real monsters. Instead, it’s the people¬†trapped inside the supermarket that have monsters in them. And The Mist shows it quite perfectly.

That human politics is also portrayed best in The Walking Dead, reason why it became my most favorite TV show in no time. Both The Mist and The Walking Dead focuses not on the monsters lurking outside, but the monsters within ourselves.

Lengthening when unnecessary

I remember Frank Darabont was asked how long the series will continue. He replied saying something like we still don’t know what caused the outbreak, and therefore the series will continue infinitely. I assumed that meant probably 10+ seasons like most other popular TV shows today. But unfortunately, in the latest episodes, I don’t find that attractiveness anymore. I’m not glued to the screen anymore like I used to with the first three seasons of the series.

I’m no stranger to series with extremely lengthened storyline. Burn Notice, White Collar etc are a few of the TV shows that I’ve watched. But in terms of The Walking Dead, the latest episodes feel kind of boring to me. As if the writers are just trying to introduce new conflicts between the two surviving groups just for the sake of it. They just put some zombies here and there just because it’s a zombie series, they no longer feel relevant. True that from the beginning The Walking Dead was more about the human than the zombies, but at least they were relevant to the storyline. These days, I no longer feel like it.

With a setting like The Walking Dead, it’s easy to keep making seasons forever, because if a real zombie apocalypse were to happen, the survivors will be living until they die, right? And there will be some people who make it through the end. The Walking Dead started with that group of people who would make it one way or another. But lately, the show has lost its cool. Or at least it has to me. I wonder how the rest of the world feels about The Walking Dead.

Do you like the series as much as you did when in the early days? Do you agree that the show has become somewhat boring in the latest seasons?

2 thoughts

  1. I love The Walking Dead. I think Seasons 1 & 2 were amazing. Season 3 & 4 were different. The characters are more mature and the zombie scenarios less violent (IMHO). But, like I said, I love Seasons 1 & 2!


    1. That’s true, the scenes became less violent. But the story is now suffering. I no longer have the urge to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead. I wish I had. But I don’t. I guess it’s not that easy to keep a zombie apocalyptic story compelling.


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