What you looking at? Read right! :@

GTFO is somewhat a bad phrase. But it’s gotten more popularity not because of the full version of it, but the guy you see on the left. With the rise of rage comics, this one particular theme just became so popular. I wish there wasn’t the F word in GTFO, but it is what it is, and it just fits perfect in the comics where it’s used at.Anyway, I was getting bored at home and my newly connected broadband internet has good YouTube video streaming bandwidth. After listening to a couple of music videos, it just came to my mind, what if I searched for GTFO on YouTube? Will I land on some funny videos? Perhaps a GIF version of the GTFO guy?

Well, what my idle search for GTFO on YouTube yielded was much more than what I had expected for. A full-on music video! I mean, really! Some guy really put all the efforts to come up with a song, shoot, edit and upload it on YouTube. I’m pretty much blown away. It’s funny, but you have to make sure that you’re up for some light comedy. If you can digest some harsh GTFOs, please do watch the video embedded below.

Again, things like these are not to be taken seriously. 😀

I understand that if you’re new to the world of rage comics, you might not have as much fun as I did. But if you are coming from a rage-familiarity, please do let me know what you think. Crazy, right?

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