brazil vs germany all goals
I always thought that the FIFA World Cup’s logo this time looked like a hand. I didn’t see this coming, though. How ironic!

The world is still stunned from the totally incredible semifinal match between Brazil and Germany that ended just a few minutes ago. We all knew Neymar’s injury would have its price, but it’s guaranteed that no one in the whole world expected the host nation to crash like this.

The Brazil vs Germany match has crushed the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in Brazil. I can only imagine what they must be going through. The world’s most special tournament is going on in their country, and their own team is out of it. It’s a misery that no one expected when the tournament began nearly one month ago.

Frankly speaking, I did think that the Brazil’s defense should have been better. Most of the goals appeared to have been slipped through the Brazillian goalkeeper. But what happened has happened. We can only wish Brazil a better luck for the next tournament. While we’re at it, you might wanna see how all of that happened. In case you missed the match, here’s a recap for you showing every single goal that took place in Brazil vs Germany semifinal match in FIFA World Cup 2014.

– Half Time –

As you can see, the game ended with the shocking score BRA 1 – GER 7. Nevertheless, for guys like me who aren’t really a hardcore supporter of any team, this was an incredible match to watch. I hope the next match between Argentina and Netherlands as well as the final match between Germany and whoever wins is as exciting as this one.

Whoever else makes it to the final, do you think they can beat Germany after their epic performance against Brazil today? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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