fifa world cup 2018 russia

What a month! What an epic final! Isn’t this the reason FIFA World Cup is the world’s biggest sport tournament? After about 120 minutes of heavily-tensed match between Argentina and Germany in FIFA World Cup 2014 final, Germany won the trophy thanks to one amazing goal. This year’s tournament showed that unpredictable can happen in sports. The whole world was sad to see Brazil go, just as the whole world felt the disappointment of Argentina team — especially Messi, as he was perhaps the saddest man to take the Golden Ball.

In any case, the world cup craziness is finally over for another four year. In 2018, we all will meet again. Better luck for all the teams who’ll get to play in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. And it’s a safe bet to say that both Argentina and Brazil, along with other teams who didn’t make it to the semifinal this year, will play even harder to score the cup. Until then, let the countdown begin!

We patiently wait for FIFA World Cup 2018 to kick off in Russia!

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      1. hehehe.. I really wished Argentina could win, but I would say that Germany also deserved the World Cup and they were the best!


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