alien in new yorkThere have been multiple reports of sighting of an unusual creature at different less crowded alleys in the city of New York. Residents are aware of all sorts of aliens and creatures choosing New York as their favorite spawn point, thanks to Hollywood, so they at first didn’t care much about it. But a New York Times reporter came across that weird-looking creature and his first instinct, instead of running away, was to capture a photo and tweet it right away to make sure he goes down the history to be the first to break the news, even if that comes at the cost of his life.

The reporter didn’t have to sacrifice his life. He got away just fine. But what happened after he went back to his home turning on his computer to see the expected massive reaction to his tweet was completely unexpected and not right. He noticed his tweet disappeared. It literally disappeared. As if it was never tweeted in the first place. Should he blame Verizon for this? Did his tweet really didn’t go through? He can clearly remember seeing the confirmation that his tweet was sent. How can the tweet not be there?

He connected his phone to his computer to perform a thorough search hoping that the photo he snapped would be saved somewhere in the memory card. Perhaps as a cache or as a whole file. But he was wrong. His photo was directly tweeted at the moment, it isn’t saved in the local file. Even if it was, it isn’t there right now.

Confused by the events, he sent another tweet saying that his previous tweet had mysteriously vanished and that he witnessed the creature in question. After carefully typing his full message and cutting it down almost in half to squeeze it into the 140-chracter limit, he clicks the Tweet button. To his utmost surprise, he notices that a warning message popped up saying that his account was temporarily blocked. He couldn’t send further tweet before someone from Twitter investigated this issue and manually cleared him for further tweeting.

He couldn’t understand a thing. This couldn’t be happening.

Being a respected journalist in the country, Twitter, or any other social media company for that matter, would not have the guts to mess with him. He’s not an average guy whose cry, in case injustice was done to him, would go unnoticed. Twitter knows that very well. He might be unable to tweet for the moment, but when he’d be back on track, he’ll let the world know that his account was blocked for no reason. Not just that, perhaps a million dollar picture just vanished because of Twitter’s fault.

The word “fault” grabbed the attention of his mind almost immediately. It couldn’t be an error. A server error should not occur to one particular person. He sees on his timeline that almost everyone he follows is tweeting things. He also searched to see if there was any outcry about any widespread server error among Twitter users causing tweets to disappear or disabling users from tweeting.

No such thing was found. And he finally realized he was targeted.

NSA comes to mind at the first chance he gets to think about it. Is this unusual creature a result of some secret government project leaked from a previously rumored place like Area 51? How come so many people have reported seeing the creature but there hasn’t been one single photo of the creature? Not even a blurry one? In this day of smartphones and tablets, there are cameras everywhere. And suddenly, when he starts thinking about it, he realizes that something is horribly wrong. People aren’t mistaken. This was not a rumor. Someone has been busy covering the tracks of the creature. And only people from government could remove every bit of proof of the existence of this creature from the cyber world.

NSA! The criticized agency’s name keeps popping up on the reporter’s mind. How come he missed it? The first report of the unusual creature sighting came about a month ago. Since then there has been a lot of Facebook posts, blogs, tweets and whatnot about the sighting of something that the residents of New York could only describe as an alien-like creature. Not that they’ve ever seen an alien before, but Hollywood has pushed it into their minds quite well. Now when they see an alien, they know it’s an alien.

How did Hollywood know what alien looked like? Until a month ago, there wasn’t any proof of any unusual creature’s existence in the known world. Have movie directors been secretly working with the government to carefully prepare the planet? Have they been following one giant agenda to finally release aliens into the world so that they can roam the earth alongside humans? How did they know these creatures won’t be dangerous to the human being? How did they know their decision won’t prove fatal to the whole of humanity?

The reporter can’t think of this anymore. Suddenly, his writer mind has got too many things to write down. So much that he’s quite sure his editor won’t let his article go through and his article would be declined on the grounds of being hypothetical and circumstantial. The New York Times won’t run a report that directly indicates the government of conspiracy to the very existence of human being by allowing one or more live alien being that may or may not be friendly with the co-existence with human. When said so, it sounded so dumb even to himself. But he knew there were some truth to it. And it was his job to figure out a way to get the truth out to the world.

The creature is just being sighted today. It may not be long until it starts killing. He needs to get the word out. And after years of journalism and thinking that bloggers were a bunch of losers, he finally realized why he needed a platform to speak without someone’s interference. And he knew just the platform that would support his right to share his voice.

The reporter joined the blogosphere. Soon afterwards, he would unfold the story of a top secret government operation that wanted to bring aliens into the planet and let them keep the world in order and discipline; unaware that they might as well do just the opposite should their brain become cleverer than that of us.

Unrelated note: I just bought a monitor (review coming soon) and out of the blue I opened MS Word to type in some random story. I just happened to write this one and I thought this might be an interesting read for some folks. Let me know what you think. 😉

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