Let me start off by saying I’m not a big fan of Ananta Jalil. But that does not necessarily have to mean that I’m a hater. I like what he’s doing, though I don’t necessarily like how he’s doing. For example. the few films I’ve watched of Ananta Jalil had a good storyline, surprisingly well print and sound quality, but bad acting largely due to Jalil himself. When I watched his movie for the first time, I was like what the…. how come he has so bad voice and still manages to be the hero of the film? He must be making the film. Turned out, I was right.

Lucky him, he turned out to be an overnight hit. Though largely by humiliation on social media and blogs, Ananta Jalil became the real-life superhero who turned the new generation movie goers towards Bangla cinemas. Personally, I never quite watched movies other than the ones from Impress Telefilm (most of which were directed by Humayun Ahmed), but I’ve watched enough other films to commit to never watch another Bangla film again. Ananta Jalil did not change that altogether, but he has sowed a little bit of interest among people like me to watch out for Bangla movies — even if that’s for pure fun. But that’s not a problem, is that? Movies are supposed to be fun, even if that means you’re making fun of the hero.

Most Welcome (I often confuse that with Most Wanted, so apologies in advance if you find a typo in this post) by AJ’s Monsoon Films was a superhit movie in Bangladesh. And soon after its success, AJ made it clear that there will be a sequel. Is this the first Bangla movie sequel ever made? I’m not sure, I don’t keep tabs on Bangla movie industry, but I certainly think so. And the first trailer of the upcoming movie Most Welcome 2 has just hit the web yesterday.

Teaser Trailer

most welcome 2 ananta jalil
Oh look, one man defeats all type of scene. Reminds me strongly of Dabaang.

As you’d expect, the trailer gives you an idea of how the movie is going to be like without giving out much of the plot. But when the movie in question is Most Welcome, we look out for other things like how Ananta Jalil talks this time and how’s the overall movie quality this time. I just watched the trailer and frankly I’m not sure whether I should be waiting for it or I should be disappointed. Some people certainly sound optimistic while others think another big disappointment is coming soon. But I believe nevertheless, the movie will be a hit just because, well, it’s an Ananta Jalil film.

Here’s the trailer of Most Welcome 2 directed by Ananta Jalil. It’s probably a good idea to also know that he wrote the story and dialogue of the film too.

The trailer is overall a good trailer for an upcoming movie that the audience has a high anticipation for. I think the movie is heavily inspired by Dabaang, as we can see Ananta Jalil as a police officer and an incredible hulk muscle man who can defeat no matter how many enemies you throw at him. But I’ll keep my story expectations to minimum. Let’s rant about what we just saw.

Things that suck

ananta jalil most welcome 2
Bet they couldn’t find a rooftop with such skyscrapers in the back. But wait, didn’t they shoot part of the film at a foreign location? 😕

barsha most welcome 2
Oh look, Disney’s Frozen scene and Hindi serial’s Bahu [dress up] comes together. :3
After watching the whole trailer, my first impression is that Ananta Jalil thinks we still live in the 80s. Most of the time the special effects you see are just too fake. I mean, yeah, that’s the point. It’s fake, that’s why it’s called special effects. But the way they are seen on the trailer (and on the movie as well) is just plain amateur. Pardon me for not forgiving Ananta and his team for the poor, childish work on the special effects such as car explosions and slow-motion bullets. I know for a fact that there are people within this very country who know better After Effects than this.

ananta jalil most welcome 2
I think if you put that action file (the explosion) on top of the background layer, and you shake the background layer a bit for a few frame, you can come up with an identical “effect” in less than minutes.

I’ve watched them upload short clips of their work on YouTube that look a lot better than what Ananta Jalil has done on this big budget film. So I believe either the guy(s) who did that amateur special effect work made his way onto the crew through some jack or AJ (or whoever was responsible for recruiting) didn’t think this country deserved a better quality work and didn’t look hard enough to find out a guy who could do this a lot better and professional.

Ananta Jalil Most welcome 2
Don’t even get me started on this.
ananta jalil and barsha on most welcome 2
Is that what I think that is? 😮

Now let’s move on to some music/dance scene. I’m not particularly a fan of Bangla/Hindi movie dance scenes, so perhaps I should stop ranting about dance scenes right here. But I can’t stop but say, what the hell? Are we to expect to watch a blend of cartoon in the background and movie on the foreground? These videos remind me of those cheap music video CDs that used to sell at some dark alleyways in the city and countryside. Maybe they are still there, but they are no longer mainstream. Ananta Jalil is, and I wouldn’t expect such cheap, cheap work on a big screen cinema coming out at a time like this.

Things that probably won’t suck

ananta jalil most welcome 2
Throughout the movie we’ll probably be blessed with some high quality shots like this one.

The first thing that most of you will like — or at least I will — is the print quality. I would be so happy to say that gone are the days when we couldn’t watch Bangla movies without feeling like there’s a big red sunglass in front of our eyes. I can’t say if other Bangla movies still hold that reddishness, because I don’t watch them, but it feels fresh even to see a trailer of a Bangla movie that has a high quality print.

most welcome 2 ananta jalil
Can’t say it’s crispy sharp, but hopefully it will be when it’s on big screen.

As for the story, I think it’s a blend of science fiction and romantic drama. I do welcome the fresh take, because there aren’t a lot of sci-fi movies (is there any at all?) in Bangla. I know I will have to swallow some really hilarious special effects in order to digest this, but I guess in the end, it’s all part of the plan. What if AJ chose to do such cheap shots and effects? What if they wanted us to laugh at it? Despite some people already complaining about how bad the film is (myself included), a huge audience will undoubtedly gather at the theaters showing the movie, even if that means just for making fun of the funny stuff in the movie. And that equals to profit and fame for the director, story writer, and the hero, Ananta Jalil.

ananta jalil most welcome 2
And some exotic locations. Though I wonder if it’s in another country, and if it is, why the need for some cheap backdrop in some shots.

I still don’t know when Most Welcome 2 will open in theaters. But I will definitely keep an eye out for more trailers spawning on the web. Up until then, don’t forget to write what you think about MW2 in the comments. Do you think it’ll be funny? Or do you think those hilariously bad editing will just take the fun away? Do tell your thoughts.

And while you’re at it, let me finish with what they call glamour girl, Barsha. 😛

barsha in most welcome 2
“Oke chara amar cholei na!”

6 thoughts

  1. Presently there is a trend to be amused by creating anti-speaking towards the people have established in the society even came from middle class. We could not but criticism to their honest works too. If we open our eyes fully; we may be able to see the same things are randomly has been doing by the other film makers. So why we are laughing with ‘Ananta Jalil’? As he is not from high society, not attended A level, O level or established by dint of labor not by the help of fore fathers property.
    It will not a matter of shame to be a fan of Ananta. We have to learn to encourage our entrepreneur’s rightly.


  2. Both the efforts to make movie and to be a reviewer of that seem to be very new addendum in our country because I am taking things from zero or below zero. No doubt, it is very much audacious even to dare to make movie in this country where there is no industry for movie at all ! So, I just wonder how Ananta does it ! I even hardly go to judge him, as the successful finish of the product itself seems to me full 100% marks ! I just want to see how much water is found in the glass (not how much empty) as I even struggled to find the glass itself.
    I even think that it is also success of Ananta that you have thought his trailer a stuff worthy of review.
    All the efforts are salutary !
    Only a superman can make a good cinema in Dhallywood because, a cinema is the synergistic product of thousand of people, whereas you have none !
    However, I provide you 09/10 for your review as I even did not have much chances to provide that marks too earlier !


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