MozLove t-shirts

This is unusual for me to jump into my blog and write about what I’ve just received. But I figured why shouldn’t it happen? It’s my personal blog, right? It’s supposed to be a journal of all the important, fun, and memorable things (and thoughts) that take place in my life, right? So here we go.

I just received two copies of t-shirts sent by Mozilla from all the way to the United States. Mozilla had sent its volunteers an email asking to sign up if they wanted these cute MozLove t-shirts. Mozilla gave everyone two pieces of t-shirts with the other one intended to be shared with someone else. The ordering took place some months ago and I had already forgotten that I should be expecting a couple of t-shirts.

In the past week, other Mozillians from Mozilla Bangladesh community started uploading photos of their t-shirts and I suddenly remembered I would be getting them, too. And that happened today.

mozlove t-shirts

The t-shirts look incredibly nice with a proud display on the front-end ( 😉 ) that we all love Mozilla. Two little heart-shaped cards read “It’s never been more important to show the world what Mozilla means to us all,” and it’s true. Mozilla found itself in a tough spot after it appointed JavaScript creator Brendan Eich as its CEO.

MozLove t-shirts

Happily, that tough spot is over. And Mozilla is back on its mission. If you haven’t already, you should take a look at the Mozilla mission on Who knows, perhaps you’ll like what the organization — backed by a large community of passionate people — is doing for the betterment of the Web!

via The Mozilla Magazine

4 thoughts

  1. I am so disappointed Mozilla closed the Gear Store (firefox / mozilla branded shirts, etc). Hopefully it will be up in December. I think it’s been down for nearly 2 years. It’s definitely been a while.


    1. Was there one? I haven’t been with Mozilla for 2 years that’s probably why I never really saw it. These days Mozillians get their t-shirts and other stuff from many Mozilla/Firefox events hosted locally. I guess that’s why they closed the store. To encourage people to get involved with activities so that they win these items free. 🙂


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