The Daily Post just asked us what our signature drink is. And I’m going to answer it.

But first, I have to be honest that when talking about drink, I’m purely talking about soft drinks. This is mainly due to the fact that alcohols are totally banned here in Bangladesh (at least for Bangladeshi people) and I’m not a big fan of them either (though red wine tasted nice when I tried in US). 

So which soft drink do I like?

You already have the answer. Having a single type of [soft] drink is too mainstream. So most of the time I end up drinking a mix of them. As you can see a shot of the drinks on my table below.

soft drinks in bangladesh
So basically I take inputs from all three and process them on Intel. 😉 😉 Good thing I had this photograph taken. Almost as if the universe knew I would be writing this post one day. 😉 

Mountain Dew and Mirinda is also favorite soft drinks over here in Bangladesh. But I prefer Coca Cola or Pepsi along with 7up (Or Sprite) and a bit of Fanta (Or Mirinda). Yeah I know that sounds crazy. But that’s how it is. 😉 There are other things to consider, though.

I realized that after a meal at a restaurant, no matter fast-food or a full-on lunch/dinner, Pepsi tastes better. On the other hand, Coca Cola is perfect in home situations. So more often I find myself buying Coca Cola at home but ordering Pepsi when at a restaurant.

This just doesn’t get any better. 

Granted I can’t afford to buy a mix of soft drinks every time. But if a drink were to become my signature [soft] drink, I believe this would be it: A mix of three.

What’s your favorite [soft] drink? (Or do you drink soft drinks at all? 😛 )

18 thoughts

  1. When I learned that carbonated beverages leach the calcium out of one’s bones, especially after menopause, I quit drinking them. Well, almost. Maybe one or two per year now.


    1. I would love to not drink coke and pepsi but where I live it’s impossible not to. It’s like the whole year the weather is unbearably hot except a few months in the winter.


      1. Aaahh ur so unhealthy hahaa. But that’s exactly the kind of food what you’ll get in East London fry shops. U would be happy here 😀


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