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All our life we spend a significant amount of time working and almost equally worrying about the future. Even in this world where unemployment is a huge issue, there are people everywhere working round the clock. Unsurprisingly, if you ask them, majority of the responses will be similar: They work because there are bills to be paid, food to be bought, and children to be raised.

However, what would happen if money was taken out of the equation? What if you were given an endless amount of money that you can spend for the rest of your life without having to work for a single moment in your life? That spawns a completely different story. The inspiration was sourced from The Daily Post and you can find others’ responses there as well.

And here goes mine.

Living Life

When it comes to work, I’m quite different than most other people. Especially growing up in a country where everybody thinks you’re nothing unless you’re a doctor or an engineer, it’s a difficult choice. But I choose to do the work that I truly enjoy doing. (And I have to admit this inspiration of doing what I love came straight from Steve Jobs’ commencement speech from 2005.) 

In truth, my work life hasn’t begun yet. According to our educational system, I’ve just finished college education and now ready for higher studies (undergraduate program). So I’ve got quite a few years of study before my real work life begins. However, I’ve been working for a few years now. It’s mostly work from home type and most of the time there hasn’t been a fixed salary. But I’ve been working. And for the past few years I’ve been able to bear my own expenses along with tuition fees without having to ask my parents for it.

So what have I been doing? 

I’ve been writing. I’m a tech-savvy person and I love writing about technology. That’s what I’ve been doing. Whether it’s an online publication, a printed magazine or a daily newspaper, I’ve worked on all sorts. I’ve mostly written technology and social media news. Tutorials and how-to articles aren’t new to me either. And everyone on this blog ought to know already how much I love writing.

My dream job would be writing about technology for a living. (I’ve recently taken up photography as well, but I simply don’t have the courage to think I can ever make money doing that.)

When Work is No Longer Work

I still don’t know what I will have to do as a full-time employee in the future. But I know for a fact that I’ll do everything I can to NOT do anything other than writing. I want to study journalism (tech journalism, to be precise)  and be a tech journalist, and I will not settle until I find that work. 

So what would happen if I were to become a billionaire suddenly and never had to work anymore?

You can guess that, right? I’d still be writing about tech from the comfort of my bed. Because I want to take what I love doing as my work. So I will still be doing that even if I didn’t have to work. Because, if I succeed, what I do as work will no longer have to be work

And if in the odd chance that I do become a professional photographer, you know the answer will be the same. If I didn’t have to work (shoot photos for money), I’ll still be shooting photos because I love it.

In any cases, if I find the work that I love, I’ll be living life without having to work for a single day for the rest of my life. 😀

So, what about you? What do you do and would you still do it if you didn’t have to work anymore?

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