Even if you’re not into cars that much, the new ‘interactive video’ that Honda just released will blow your mind. What you see above in less than a minute is just the trailer. But don’t think for a second that this is what the actual Honda video, called “The Other Side”, looks like. To my amazement, the video is actually interactive. The letter “R” not only represents the Honda Civic Type R that the video is promoting, but also a cue to use your keyboard and see the other side in action.

Here’s how to experience the new video.

Go to The Other Side following the link below and click play. You will see a father driving his daughter home out of her school. But don’t just sit back and settle. To see the other side of the story, press and hold R while it’s playing and you’ll see how the father turns into a getaway driver for a heist at night. The video is so brilliantly made and well-synchronized, you can literally turn the daylight shot into night time scene by pressing and holding the letter R on your keyboard. It’s an amazing experience and you’ll surely want to watch the video more than once.

For optimum experience, it is probably best to visit the link from your computer.

Visit Honda The Other Side here.

Be sure to come back and leave a comment below. Superbly made, right?

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