tech conferences in bangladesh

Technology-oriented events are great opportunities for like-minded geeks to hang around, discuss about the topics that few other people from their lives are interested in, and ultimately, have a fun time. In recent times, the number of tech events in Dhaka has significantly increased. Thanks to various organizers including Google Business Group Dhaka, Google Developer Group Dhaka, and partners like HubDhaka who make many of these events possible.

As the year is coming towards an end, this month, there are three major events taking place in Bangladesh. Two of them are to take place in Dhaka while the other one is going to be held in Chittagong. So if you’re curious to meet some new people in technology and learn something new along the way, you should check out these three technology events that are taking place in Bangladesh this month.

BIPC Conference

Bangladesh Internet Professionals’ Community — that’s what BIPC stands for — is arranging this major conference attracting internet professionals from many cities across the country. As internet professionals, it is very unlikely that people get a chance to get together face-to-face and discuss the issues related to their specific type of profession. Whether it’s because of the lack of time due to office time or simply the habit of working from home, internet professionals rarely get a chance to meet.

The BIPC Conference is aimed at taking those internet professionals of all sizes out of their home and unite them under one roof for a day full of fun. The event will have sessions that will help new internet professionals to learn from the experts in this field. To fuel even more excitement, the conference will have various gifts for its attendees!

BIPC Conference is scheduled for Friday, November 14, 2014. Lean more about the event here.


Anyone who has spent time in tech long enough knows that TEDx marks independently organized TED events in cities across the world. Much like the original TED events, TEDx events are extremely popular as it brings local people a chance to listen to the industry experts who share the story of their journey with the audience.

TEDxDhaka started its journey in 2012 with the theme for “Different Bangladesh”. The great success encouraged the second event titled “Be the Change” in the same year. In 2013, TEDxDhaka was titled “Problems as Catalysts”. And this year, it’s ready to break the barriers.

TEDxDhaka “Breaking Barriers” will be taking place at KIB Complex in Dhaka on 22nd Novmber 2014. According to TEDxDhaka’s official website, “This year we will look forward to stories of rising from ashes, tackling difficulties, turning problems into catalysts and thus breaking the barriers to create, innovate and change. As always we are looking into a diverse group of individuals as speakers.”

You can see a list of speakers of TEDxDhaka Breaking Barriers here. However, if you haven’t registered already, you have missed the chance to attend the event. The registration process requires interested attendees to fill out the forms first. The event organizers then send event invitation to the selected attendees who then buy the tickets. This is a reminder of the event if you have registered already. If you haven’t, you’re probably better off to Chittagong during that time of the month.


So what’s happening in Chittagong while folks in Dhaka will be enjoying stories from TEDxDhaka speakers? They’ll be joining SparkupBD.

Scheduled for November 21st 2014 in port city Chittagong, SparkupBD is the first-ever event focused on startups that will be taking place in the city. We have already seen numerous successful events that are focused on empowering startups. Why should people from Chittagong be left alone? That’s the thought that encouraged the organizers to plan for the event.

The event is purposefully scheduled to be within the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2014. It’s needless to say the importance of sharpening the entrepreneurial skills of the young people. Entrepreneurs in Dhaka have the chance to learn from the best industry experts. But why keep the growth within the limits of a city just because it’s the capital? To give entrepreneurs in Chittagong the same advantage of learning from the industry experts is the goal of this year’s SparkupBD. And so far, it has already created enough buzz.

The sessions at SparkupBD range from funding a startup to advanced topics like UI/UX. Tickets for the event are on sale right now. So if you are a startup or want to start one from Chittagong, you shouldn’t miss the event by any chance

Learn more about SparkupBD event here.

So, tech folks from around the country, which of these events are you planning to attend to?

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