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One of the best things I like (and envy) about skilled photographers is how they are able to capture interesting photographs in the middle of mundane. You could put them anywhere and they’ll still be able to capture photos that aren’t cliched, are interesting and most people would have overlooked.

I guess that sense, or that eye for detail, either comes naturally to them after years of practice or they are just gifted like that. Whatever the case is, being able to shoot interesting things from ordinary places is something I’ve been trying for a while. It’s difficult; not to mention I’m new to photography which could be why I find it even harder to see something ‘normal’ eyes don’t.

I was out shooting for a small clothing store the other day and I caught this little frog-like thingy on their rooftop. It’s basically a fountain of water, the frog’s mouth being the source of it. In front (out of the frame) is a small house of water. It wasn’t running when I was there shooting, so I decided to shoot this anyway.

The second most important thing after a shoot is the editing part. I edit my photos in Lightroom and only for portraiture I import Lightroom photos into Photoshop. The photo above was edited in Lightroom only. The difference is, I played a little bit with the Split Toning sliders. I don’t usually mess with that because it’s real easy to mess up a shot with wrong toning of colors. But I couldn’t help but do that in this shot simply because I want to master this.

I’ve seen a lot of photographs and what made them even better is the mood conveyed through the color casts of those images. Again, it’s very difficult to work with different colors and not go overboard. This, too, must come with years of practice and incredible understanding of color.

It’s interesting how there are tons of things to learn in photography. Starting from mere composition to understanding camera metering and exposure, to the very end of post processing, the whole process involves insane amount of learning. I’m okay with learning. I’m just worried whether I can be the type of photographer I want to be or will all of this will be time wasted.

In 2015, I intend to find out.

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