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That’s a literal way of saying how most of my mornings start these days. I wake up, check my phone for notifications such as emails and messengers, and after I get up and fresh, I turn on my computer and navigate to’s Life tag.

If you didn’t know, one of the best things about blogging in is that when you type in Tags in your post, and your blog’s settings are set to default/public, other bloggers and readers from all over the world can look up and discover your post in the Reader. The Reader section of is an awesome way to find what others are talking about. And I love to listen to people’s stories — what they think, how they feel, how their life has been, etc.

Because my morning means it’s mostly evening or night in the western world, I get plenty of posts during the time. Sometimes every minute there are upwards of 10 posts flowing in on the Reader. While not all the posts are interesting to me, I do find a lot of things to write about. Most of the time I’ll just hit the Like button and move on to read the next post, other times, especially when I read something I can relate to, I’ll jump in and type in a comment.

Often people reply to those comments, and often they don’t. I don’t mind. People have different lives. What may seem rude to me may not seem the same if I came to know what’s happening on someone’s life.

Sometimes I switch between other tags such as Love, Relationships, Writing, Photography, etc. I get to read tons of different types of things people write at the end of [most of their] days. I get to see different kinds of photographs, read stories, and start a conversation on those topics.

To me, it’s better than reading the morning newspaper. No, not the actual printed newspaper, but the web version of those newspaper. The situation in our country is beyond anything that can describe it. Political unrest has been causing deaths of many innocent civilians. Cars and other forms of public transportation are being set on fire. People are going to the burn unit of hospitals instead of their homes. It’s a terror in the street.

We all know it, we all know the next day’s headlines will bring another number of people dead or suffering in the burn unit. So like many people, I just prefer to skip reading the newspaper. It’s an unfortunate country we live in. The best we — as general people of the country — can do is hope for the best and continue on with our life.

That’s what I do. Mornings are beautiful. And I prefer to spend the time reading about other people’s lives. It’s a pretty feeling. It’s the perfect getaway from the reality although I am reading about reality. That just belongs to someone else’s life.

How do you spend your mornings?

Image via Christos Tsoumplekas/Flickr

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