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To think China will soon take over the technology world is not an exaggerated thought anymore. Sure, just a few years ago, we would term everything that came straight out of China as cheap, replica, and garbage stuff typically perfect for people who can’t afford the real thing. In recent times, however, a lot has changed.

Anyone who keeps tabs on the gadget world needs no introduction of the Chinese giants that are slowly taking over the world. Xiaomi, Oppo, Gionee, OnePlus, etc — to name a few — are some of the most well-known and well-regarded tech companies particularly in the smartphone industry. While these companies have different marketing approaches and targeted customer audiences, they all have one thing in common — they are from the China, and they make great products.

Products That Delight

To say ‘gone are the days when Chinese meant cheap, lame, replica product’ would be a lie. There are Chinese companies still making replica products. Cheap and garbage products still do come out of China. But that is changing with the shadow of the giant companies mentioned before.

Xiaomi and OnePlus, for example, make no sacrifices when it comes to the quality of their products. They both make their own versions of user interface on top of the core Android operating system to give users a different flavor with their phones. Xiaomi even have other products — such as fitness bands and TVs — that have received mostly positive reviews. These companies sure know how to make a great product. And their efforts will pay off on a day that’s soon to come.


To compare, Walt Mossberg from tech news and analysis site Re/code says, there was a time when Samsung was regarded as a little-known electronics company from Korea. Today, they compete head to head with the all time giant tech companies such as Apple and Sony, who have always been great at making good products. It is not just possible that the same thing will happen with at least one of today’s Chinese companies, it is almost certain.

And if you ask me, I’ll put my money on Xiaomi. The company has already gotten the best heads with a great marketing and product designing team. Some people regard them as the Apple of China, and that’s not an easy title to get, whether they like it or not. If you’ve ever held a Xiaomi product — be it a flagship smartphone, a low-cost, entry-level smartphone, or merely an accessory — you realize they know how to put a premium feel to a product.

One Step at a Time

Notably, Xiaomi does not sell its products in the US yet, and the company is believed to have expressed its unwillingness to do so. anytime soon For now, its primary focus is China — which in itself is a big market to start with — and surrounding markets in Asia. That includes another large market of infinite possibilities — India.

oneplus one

India is another emerging market of smartphone where even Samsung struggles to stay on top. With the strength of home-grown smartphone manufacturing companies like Micromax, even Samsung has to compete head to head to keep its marketshare. Add to that the invasion of Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi and OnePlus, the situation heats up beyond imagination — all of which is, thankfully, good for consumers.

Some Chinese brands have already expanded into Bangladesh. Oppo has entered quite a while ago, Gionee is on its way, and Xiaomi phones are already available via third-party vendors. It’s only a matter of time until Xiaomi recognizes the market and starts selling products directly to consumers in Bangladesh.

The West Awaits

Is it possible for a company to become the next Samsung without having its products available in the west? Well, I’ll leave that to the analysts. But I can see that Xiaomi is determined in taking one step at a time. And that means conquering the neighborhood first before invading the foreign kingdom.


With that mantra in mind, it does seem that Xiaomi is on its way to become the next electronic behemoth of the world. Samsung’s recent touch of uniqueness in its flagship series helps it stay relevant, but it gets defeated in the face of price, which can be termed as the first thing that attracts consumers to the Chinese manufacturers. When those people see that the products they can get from a Chinese company have great value, have all the features they need, and are comfortable to use, it becomes easier for them to decide.

Still, it can’t be guaranteed whether Xiaomi or OnePlus will be the next Samsung in the world. But with all that’s going on in China, it is more than likely that the next Samsung — the technology behemoth of the world — will rise from China.

What’s your thoughts on the emerging smartphone companies (or should I say tech companies) from China? Have you used any of them? What do you think their future looks like?

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