One of the few things that I hate about living in a tin-shed house is the surprise attack of insects. Round the year, in different seasons, usually two kinds of insects show up: mosquitoes and ants. Mosquitoes can be prevented by spraying aerosols, but what do you do when ants, particularly red ants, literally take over the house?

After weeks of not having a chance to play on my PlayStation 3, I went ahead and tried to boot it up to play some Grand Theft Auto V. To my surprise, the PlayStation didn’t boot up. I checked the connection and everything seemed good. Still it wasn’t powering up. What the hell happened?!

I have already finished the main story, but I made a critical mistake in decision-making during the game, for which I had to suffer the consequences (GTA fans keep an eye for a future post). As the decision was irreversible, I looked online for a saved game data that I could import into my PlayStation so that I could enjoy the game as I would have had I not taken the wrong decision. But when PS3 refused to power up, I got really tensed.

It didn’t take too long for me to discover that red ants were the culprit. Beneath the console, I found literally — emphasis on literally — thousands if not millions of red ants. I quickly placed the console elsewhere and sprayed aerosol directly onto the herd. I didn’t have much gas left in the can but it worked.

Two minutes later, the gory part revealed itself. The ants had gotten inside of the console. There were literally — again, emphasis on literally — thousands if not millions of ants coming out of the console’s various ports, back panels, and ventilation areas. I had to go to a wide open space to keep my distance from the army or red ants marching out of the console.

For more than half an hour, I waited, I gently patted the top side of the console and saw more and more ants falling out of the ventilation. I could not, for the love of God, figure out why they chose to get in there.

ants smasher
I shall love this game now more than ever.

About 50 minutes later, it looked like the last ant standing inside the console had accepted the defeat and came out. Needless to say, I slayed all of them with furious thumps. I wanted to unscrew the console and see the inside, but I don’t have the tools for it. So wondering what I should do, I plugged the console in, and it worked.

It worked!

I was so glad that I could continue playing GTA V! At the same time, I’m also worried about this happening again. I won’t be surprised if the ants cause some sort of interruption of connections inside the console. And I don’t know what to do to prevent it from happening again. I can’t spray aerosol on it!

So anyway, I’ve kept the console in the same place but moved it a bit so that it has much wider free space around it. I’ll now have to check multiple times every day to make sure no ants go near it. With that decision in mind, I was just about to go to bed and I realized my day-long anti-ant operation had some downsides — some ants got into my body and some got into the bed, which I suspect happened as they moved off my body into the bed.

Disappointed, I switched bed and am now writing this post. The title of this post probably doesn’t make much sense as I’m way against any ants redemption in my house. Still I wanted it to be like this for no reason.

Have you had any fight against any inspect? How did that go?

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